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Manga Review : Red - The Colour of Love by Chiba Kozue

Title: Red - The Colour of Love
Original Title: Koi wa Beniiro
Author: Chiba Kozue
Artist: Chiba Kozue

Year of Release: 2013
Genres: One Shot, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English):1

Volumes & Chapters: 1


Beniko, an old fashioned high school girl is suddenly forced to eat lunch with the new teacher in charge, Nomoto-sensei…

My Thoughts

Review covers 1 chapter 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Yep, I’m again covering Chiba Kozue’s work. This time it’s a sweet one shot, which makes your heart flutter like crazy. I’ve read this story more time then I’ve read my high school algebra textbook. And that’s quite a lot, if I count that I had that particular one for more than 5 years and I read it at least 5 days a week. Okay, I’m straying off the topic.

Every time I read this work I fall in love, get my heart broken and fall in love once again. There are 48 or so pages, but they hold so much emotion, that you find yourself first happy, then extremely sad and then again happy that everything worked out. Okay, that was for me, I don’t think it might be the same for you, but I hope it is. Let me summarize it a bit. By some circumstances Beniko (15) ends up eating lunch with her teacher – Nomoto Yukia (25). And well, during their interactions she falls in love with him, but hey, when she comes to his flat to make him some food to cure his cold, he uses that moments to push her down to show that he can’t be trusted. Don’t worry, nothing happened, another teacher came in. Bummer! And then our teacher actually confesses in the principal’s office.

But that’s not all, he takes up and leaves for 5 years, to afterwards come back and claim what was his. This moment is breathtaking. My heart stopped beating for a minute or so. And I mean it, every time I read it, my heart would stop and a smile would appear on my face.

This might sound a bit creepy, but I do like reading mangas where there is a student-teacher relationship, especially if the teacher is a guy. The whole it’s forbidden always attracts me. (Only in a story, don’t imagine anything there!) Though I especially loved Yukia, but I did think he was a bit foolish. How could he really believe that Beni would wait for him for 5 years, but then he was still in love with her after 5 years. The story is laced with a but of humor too, but I guess it’s kind of dark humor. Though it really reminded me of my situation.

I mean, I just turned 20 and that’s what I received from half of the people I know! Though unlike Beni, I do not remember falling in love with anyone at the age of 15. But well, I won’t say no to a similar guy as Yukia. Kidding, well, not really.

I hope you’ll find 3 minutes in your schedule to spare and read this great work by Chiba Kozue. Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews and promos. Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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