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Manga Review : Our Miracle by Kumeta Natsuo

Title: Our Miracle 
Original Title: Bokura No Kiseki
Author: Kumeta Natsuo
Artist: Kumeta Natsuo

Year of Release: 2008
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Historical, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, School Life, Slice of Life

Status: Ongoing
Chapters (Translated in English): 36

Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chapters 0-3           Volume 5 16-18 Chapters          Volume 9 Chapters 28-30
Volume 2 Chapters 4-8           Volume 6 19-21 Chapters          Volume 10 Chapters 31-33
Volume 3 Chapters 9-12         Volume 7 Chapters 22-24.5        Volume 11 Chapters 34-36
Volume 4 Chapters 13-15.5    Volume 8 Chapters 25-27           Volume 12 Not yet released


From a young age, Minami Harusumi has had recurring dreams of Veronica, a princess whose kingdom is on the verge of destruction. He believes them to be recollections of his past life, and that he is her reincarnation. Because of this, he is ridiculed by his classmates. One day, when the mockery escalates into bullying, he rediscovers magic - something Veronica had studied and used. Reassured his past life is not merely a fantasy, Minami tries to learn more about his past memories and the reason behind them...

My Thoughts

Review covers 36 chapters 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today is a usual manga review day and I have a very interesting manga for you. What actually made me start reading it was a quite interesting idea behind the plot. It’s not all that new, but its still interesting. What is the idea? Heh, if you haven’t read the summary yet, the please listen carefully. Our main character Harusumi Minami (male), dreams of being a princess in the past - Veronica. No, I didn’t make a mistake anywhere. To cut the long story short; Harusumi was a princess in his past life and he remembers his past life. Not as if it was yesterday, but he remembers it very well. Strange? You haven’t heard all of it!

Try to imagine a whole class of such weirdoes, but their memories got triggered because of an incident. And now you have it. Past blending with the present. All of those who reincarnated only want to find answer to one question, as to why there was an assault on princess Veronica’s castle and made everyone remember their past lives and for what. We should not forget to add into the chaos of these things the ability to use magic by some of the characters. Now divide all of our characters into 3 or even 4 camps and the only thing there is left is to start a war. Wait they already started it in the latest volumes. Weird and fascinating doesn’t describe it anymore.

I enjoyed the story a lot, but what made me take off one leaf was nearly no progressing relationship between Harusumi and Yuu. In the latest volumes, they finally started showing that they’re actually going out. But well, they didn’t have a lot of time for themselves with all the chaos happening around them. It may annoy you, but there are too many talking. And I mean it, too much, even though the intrigues that mostly every character plots are fabulous, there’s too much talking. There were moments where I just wanted to jump over it, but then, I would have lost a bulk of new information.

The thrill that the author creates is s high as ever, and I don’t know about you, but I just have no idea who wither Eugene or Lucas is and that’s after reading 11 volumes. There were so many leads, but every time they were leading to nothing. I’m having this weird feeling, that even the author doesn’t know who Lucas or Eugene is. Though the latest suspect is still Zeze. I’m not really spoiling anything here.

Another thing that might frustrate you a lot, is too many characters. It’s only that you have to remember them, but that you have to remember who is who in the past. That can make your mind blow, though at the end of each volume is given a chart, it doesn’t help a lot. You can’t look there every time.

I hope you will find some time and read this great story. I’m not sure if I will do another review about it (it’s still ongoing). But nevertheless its really a must read. You’ll at least learn how to plot intrigues as Harusumi. He’s awesome in every aspect. Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Happy reading!




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