Friday, 1 December 2017

Is it Time to say Good-bye?

Hello, my faithful readers, 

yes, I know there are not a lot of you, I don't even know if at least one or two of you are left that constantly read my reviews, if yes, give me a sign! I'd love to hear from you! 

As you know I am currently pursuing my master's program, and it's as tough as hell. Thank God for my scheduling of all posts back in summer, when I had some type of free time, that's the only reason why blog seems active with reviews appearing every week. 

I hope all my readers will understand this, as this is a crucial time for me and for my future career, and while I love my blog, as if I have given birth to it, actually I have, though I believe it wasn't as painful, if I gave birth to an actual baby... Okay, I'm totally off topic now, and you're losing the thread here. *you're not the only ones... * giggles. 

While the blog was born in August 2013, on 19th if we want to be exact, during my Bachelor's I have taken quite some time off it as well, due to exams, and at one point, because I ran out of pre-written reviews, and had to take some time off to catch up on reading and writing. Now, the case if different. I have quite a lot of reviews written both in manga and book section, you can just look at this folder:

x photo
Yeah, I know, there's another folder on my laptop where there are other electronic versions, as one of my resolution of 2017 was to go more paper-free. But I already had all of those reviews written so now I need to find time to upload them to the electronic format. 

Now, I know that you are thinking. Ah, she'll just take a break until summer and will be back then. That's where the BIG NEWS are coming in! 

The Blog will be closed until further notice. 

And I'm sorry to say this, but I have no idea when that further notice will be. It may truly be in Summer 2018, but I highly doubt it, as I will be in the middle of writing my Master's Thesis and then once again relocating from Netherlands to my traineeship location. And if you have any idea what ACCA trainees go through you'll know that I won't have time to do anything except study for exams and work. And hopefully sometimes for a weekend escape and a movie night with friends. Thus, It may take years, for my blog to be back in full. 

Are you as sad as I am? Thank you, guys! It means a lot to me. But if you think that I will delete the blog, that's highly doubtful, as I want everyone to read my reviews and find their next favourite book or manga. Also, if you are wondering about my side project of KC Book Promotions, that one will be still functioning. It's not a very major Book Promotions platform, thus I hope I will still manage it and you'll find new books by visiting the website or facebook page! 

Another reason, why I want to close the blog, is because I want once again to be enjoying reading, and not read in order to write the review. I have been seeing this last 2 month, I have gone back to my carefree reading, where I am not focused on writing a review after I finish either the book or manga. I hope you understand this. I love writing reviews, however, when I was on my campaign to write as many reviews as possible so I can share them with you, the whole process started to feel like an obligation, and I don't want it to be that way. 

You know what of a bookworm I am, thus, I will be still reading books, and sometimes, when I am too amazed or too repulsed you'll see my outbursts! Where? On Goodreads! so don't forget to follow me there! And one thing that I will do is transfer the reviews that I solely wrote there to blog, hence, the blog will be active once in a while. You won't be seeing a manga review every Monday nor book review every Thursday, no more recommendations on the facebook page, and even every day memes will be missing. But I'll still try to keep the blog as well as the FB page alive, with posting now and then. 

Now, if you've come here, that's some dedication to reading my writing... Thanks! I appreciate it a lot! So, before I finish this post, let me sum up everything!

1. The blog isn't closed forever!
2. I'll be back!!!! (Don't know when, but I promise I will be!!!)
3. Follow me on Instagram and Goodreads to see pictures of my trips, random things, etc, and of course what books I'm reading, etc!
4. KC Book Promotions will be still working, so check back to to see some new books!
5. I love you all! and I'll be back! sorry for repeating myself!