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Release Day Blitz: Sinister Acts by Kaiden Klein

Title: Sinister Acts

Author: Kaiden Klein

Series: The Psychic and the Priest 

Release Date: 28 June 2016


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 The tables are turned in this thrilling 3rd installment as a frantic Asha has to now find Annie who has disappeared without a trace. More unpredictable and shocking secrets uncovered from Annie's past provide clues and set Asha on a dangerous mission that he may or may not survive. Loyalties are tested and allegiances are questioned as Asha stops at nothing to find his beloved soulmate. 

~ Excerpt~

Annie was gone; not just from beside him but from his spiritual reach. The only trace of her ever existing was the hole in the pit of his stomach and his aching heart. For as long as he could remember, he’d always been able to sense her presence, but the feeling was no longer there. His emotions ran wild as he tried desperately to remain calm and clearheaded.
Should he go off to search for her or wait there on the lake? Where the hell was she? He knew in his gut she wasn’t coming back but he searched anyway. Giving up, he made a decision; he’d check her shop, the Serene, and her place, but he couldn’t imagine her leaving without him.
She was a witch, though; one just coming into her powers. Quite possibly, she didn’t know her own capabilities and somehow caused herself to disappear. However, this was highly unlikely, considering it was Annie; very controlled and very disciplined Annie.
The other possibility was that someone had taken her. But if that was the case, he thought he’d have heard something, especially if Annie had put up a fight; and she would have.
Asha drove on automatic, hitting a traffic snarl on the far east side of the lake. God, not today when he needed to get somewhere fast. What the hell? There was never traffic here. Some sort of commotion up ahead; horns blaring, and sirens wailing, interspersed with loud shouts reached his ears. After sitting for about five minutes, he placed the car in park and got out to take a closer look. He stopped a jogger who had passed the scene and was still looking back.
“Excuse me, sir, do you know what’s going on?”
Continuing to run in place, he turned to face Asha. “I’m not sure. Something about a woman going into the water naked. They think she drowned.”
Everything around Asha no longer existed. The guy continued to speak as Asha took off running, suspecting it was Annie.
From a distance someone was being carried out of the water.
“Annie, Annie!” he shouted.
The woman’s head dangled across her carriers’ arms as he strode off, carrying her to the Life Flight helicopter on standby.
Breathing heavily, Asha picked up speed. He was still at a distance, though, and from the top of his lungs, he yelled out again.
He made it there just in time. One of the EMT crew members blocked his way as he fought to get near the woman lying on the gurney.
“Please, I need to see her.” Pushing his way through, he gasped, falling to his knees as he got a glimpse of the lifeless body, lying stiffly.
A bystander pulled him out of the way as the Life Flight pilot prepared for takeoff.

~About the Author ~ 

Kaiden Klein enjoys writing and keeping her fans updated as characters develop, even behind the scenes. She loves creating complex characters whose lives are filled with drama, and a great deal of time is put into developing her characters, including the ones who seem to go in their own direction.
Kaiden also writes compelling mystery, suspense, crime, and contemporary romance stories under the pen name Eva Winters. Although her works are fiction, some of her stories may be based on actual events. Her stories will go beyond entertaining you; they’ll leave you wanting more.
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~ Other Books by this Author ~ 

Title: Kindred Souls

Author: Kaiden Klein

Release Date: 24 May 2016

Publisher: Self-published


Raised in a church orphanage, Annie never knew her parents or where she was from, nor did she know who or what she was – only that Father Francis would always tell her she was special...never did she dream he meant it literally.
Annie can read minds, connect with the dead, and even see the future, but the only clues to her own past are vivid sensual dreams about a mysterious and alluring man. When this familiar stranger (The Priest) suddenly appears in her downtown shop, Annie not only discovers their inexplicable connection is extremely powerful, but he also becomes the key to unlocking her complicated past and uncertain future.
Will Annie and Asha be able to fulfill their fated destiny, or will the challenges ahead be too much to bear, leading to their ultimate demise? There's no doubt, the choices made will be life-changing.

Title: Arms of Danger

Series: Destined Guardians

Release Date: 16 February 2016


A Thrilling Story of Life After Death
12,000 word Short Story Standalone
More Books to Come under Destined Guardians
After having been granted a second chance following her untimely demise in her former life, Helena has dedicated herself to protecting humans. Haunted by revelations from her past life, Helena is torn between the life she’s dedicated herself to and to those she left behind. Her dedication to humankind has afforded her the opportunity to learn a great deal about the evil that exists in the world, but nothing could prepare her for the newest threat.
Betrayed by Barak, the leading commander of their municipal’s army, Helena must defend the community against the new bloods, treacherous vampires, bent on overthrowing the king and taking control of the monarch. But doing so will not come without risk, especially since she’s sleeping with the enemy who knows her deepest secrets.
A future of violence and enslavement gets closer and closer to becoming a reality in the presently peaceful town.
With the threat growing, Helena finds herself facing a different challenge. The promise of love enters her life, but in order to fully embrace it, she must save the people of Wyden first.
Will Helena be able to save the ones she’s dedicated her life to protecting or will greed win by using her secrets against her?
This is a story of greed, lies, lust, and betrayal.
A standalone paranormal romance story about guardians and vampires.

Title: Archfiend Kinship

Author: Kaiden Klein

Series: The Psychic and the Priest #2

Release Date: 14 June 2016

Publisher: --


Annie continues to unravel painful truths of her past while discovering she’s even more powerful than she could have ever imagined. Although, even with her newfound abilities, her intense love and insatiable desire for Asha is her weakness, yet he is also her strength.
Asha took a vow to serve God. But, since discovering Annie was more than a dream, a deeper destiny unveils itself, and he’s forced to re-evaluate his choices. Making the right decision won’t come easy.
However, hidden truths and new found strengths, have brought this unlikely pair together, and together Annie and Asha are a powerful duo. But will their magic be enough to take on an evil seeking vengeance and a mother who wants the power to control all that exist? Both threats willing to do anything to get what they want, even if it means making a deal with the devil himself.
Annie is forced to choose, risking her life to save Asha, or risking his life to protect all those who now depend on her.
Join Annie and Asha in part two of this action-packed paranormal adventure filled with steamy scenes and supernatural twists at every turn.
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