Saturday, 29 October 2016

Just Another Random Post #2 Halloween Maddness

Trick or treat?

I'll choose to spend the afternoon at the beach... 

And yup, I'm there :D those are my fret in the picture, but i doubt you can see them :D :D 

Anyway, getting back to today's random topic. It's haloween week, and it's truly a madness... Starting from wednesday there are paties everywhere, and my fantastic excuse not to party was: I'm too lazy to dress up :D 

Successfully dodging at least 5 parties i still got tangled up at one with my family. I wouldn't really call it a party, as it was us going to a weekend escape. Esencially i just wanted to sleep at home, but as it was a long one, and i wouldn't be able to see my little bro for next few weeks due to exams i went with the flow. 

The friday was without any real fun, if we don't count my brother and me playing war in the toy shop. 

Yup, somehow my brother ended up ad a star wars fan. Shame on me as a Star Trek fan. 

Anyway, the saturday started with me getting a really nice sleep and then driving to CyHerbia a herbal/botanical park. Though it was me who was into the trip once i heard about the Labyrinth... 

It was really fun, if we don't count my brother's sulking... Don't ask me the reason. I have no idea :D 

Some more pictures from the trip. :D 

I really loved this dress... 

This stash of pumpkins :D :D 

At the start of the maze :D 

Somehow at the end of the maze it was me and my brother who came out :D 

And of course i found a bicycle to take a picture with :D 

Anyway, about the real Halloween, i'll be spending it holed up on my bed watching something interesting :D 

Tell me how you will spend your halloween! :) 



Thursday, 27 October 2016

Just Another Random Post #1 Introduction & Weird Storage Place

Morning everyone!

How are you all? Right now i'm in the downtown of Nicosia drinking my Hibiscuis tea and waiting for the bus. I guess you're wondering what's up with this weird post. 

Well, let's just say, that initially Katie's Corner was aimed to become a safehouse for all my thoughts, concerns and of course book reviews. However, every time i started a so called random post something just intervined with it... But now, as i'm not posting any reviews due to lack of time to write them (initially it's just lack of time to afterwards cross-post them..) i can write all the random posts in the world :D mu ha ha ha ha 

Anyway, you'll be seeing this random feature appear on the blog, so get used to it :D get used to just random stories from passerbys, or me trashing this or that TV-show, you might also see something as random as how to get rod of dead body... Kidding (maybe). 

Let me get back to today's story: 

I will not say the name of the cafe, to ensure the promose i made not to disclose the secret. (And now you're thinking, wait isn't she doing that?) no i'm not, as i'm not saying where it exactly happened. Okay, so, i was just sitting in one of my favourite cafes, in diwntown nicosia, drinking the tea and looking through some papers, when a grandpa came into the cafe, he went straight to where i was sitting. I didn't really pay attention to him but when he started to take out something from behind the sofa i was sitting on it got a bit confusing. Apparently he has a stash of newspapers there. When i looked at him like he was crazy, he just replied, that some people just take them home and there's no more left for hik or his friends to read; thus the hiding place. 

If you ever do come by this hiding plar, please don't take the newspapers! 

Has anything similar happened to you? My bus will be in 10 minutes so i need to go to the bus station! 

Hope you enjoy tjis rabdom sessions :D 



[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 12

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The chapter starts with a bit dark atmosphere. It’s raining cats and dogs, and we have a close-up of the couple’s hands if you ask me a total they’re-going-to-break-the-curse mood. The couple is alone at Kotori’s room, and when Haruto tries to touch her, she makes an attempt to run away by offering him tea and hurrying from the room. But Haruto stops her and throws her on the bed kissing her. Kotori still thinks that this is the right decision, that now she won’t trouble Haruto anymore when we get Haruto’s fanservice.

Kotori looks away and starts fumbling with her clothes when Haruto once again takes everything in his hands. We hear Kotori’s thoughts that she wished they did it without any occasion and at that moment Haruto stops saying they won’t be able to do it and he wants to treasure the time when they finally do it.  (can you exist in real life? I’m serious I want him in real life)

Kotori is speechless but agrees with him, and at that moment her mom comes back. Kotori quickly puts back her clothes and tells Haruto to hide somewhere. Kotori tries to tell her mom something when Haruto appears and kisses Kotori answering her mom’s question with That’s who I am. He confesses that he knows about the curse and he doesn’t care; he only wants to treasure and protect Kotori. Kotori stops him telling her mom that she protected her lips, but she intends to be with Haruto, but because of the curse he can’t attend his sister’s wedding, and she begs to let her go to Hawaii with him.

Her mom shocks her telling that she thought that Kotori Has kissed someone, but now she’s content that it’s such a good man, but then she whispers to Kotori that they don’t need to do it.

Afterwards, in the yard, Kotori confesses to Haruto that without him she wouldn’t be able to confess and that she’s truly happy. Haruto smiles and teases her that she has no idea what he has in mind for their trip.


OMG!!! Only one chapter is left! Don’t miss the conclusion to this awesome series next Thursday!

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Monday, 24 October 2016

New Webtoon Release: Oh! Holy by Ahyun

Hiya! Everyone!

How have you been? Missed me? Hope you did, as I really did miss writing random posts on the blog. xD 

Today, it's under a random category, however, I'm thinking of introducing this as a new feature once I'm back to full-time blogging, so currently it'll be randomly appearing once I have the urge to do something. :) 

Anyway, let me introduce this webtoon, it's fantastically romantic and hilarious! Currently, there are only 4 chapters, with the fourth one released only today on Line Webtoon. Therefore, if you were looking for some rom-con, start this story, you'll get hooked! It's a great blend of a strong female lead and a seriously cute nerd for her love interest who can see ghosts! Did I get you pumped? Hopefully, I did, as I'll be following this webtoon every Monday! 

Enjoy this awesome work!




I wouldn't have left you without some screenshots from the webtoon! 



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Thursday, 20 October 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 11

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The chapter starts with Haruto exclaiming if the curse can be broken and Kotori explaining that there was no mark on her mom’s wrist. But then Haruto asks if the mark could be anywhere except the wrist. Kotori argues that it would be great if they know how to break the curse, but Haruto stops her telling that he doesn’t really want the curse to be broken. They argue and Kotori runs home.

Kotori tentatively asks her mom if it’s possible to break the curse, he mom is enraged, but Kotori covers it up saying that she might like someone but it’s nothing, but she just wants to know for the future reference. Her mom opens up to her saying that her curse was broken a long time ago. She explains that the idea of the curse is that the girl should only marry one person and never cheat on him. Therefore, the curse is broken once the girl “marries” or as Kotori’s mom says “yup, that thing!” then they talk about how the partner’s life changes because he has to kiss her everyday until the curse is broken. Kotori goes to her room still thinking about what she learned.

Next day she meets up with Haruto and after he kisses her, he asks of everything is okay. They start going home when Kotori stops him, and says that there’s no one at her home and her feelings toward him changed and she wants to talk about it. Haruto panics asking if she’s really all right. Then she drops the bomb that she knows how to break the curse. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to change his plans and that she takes up all his time and she doesn’t want that anymore and that’s why she has to break the curse. Haruto hugs her and says that he understands.


oh, my my… are we going to see some action? Only 2 chapters left1 come back next Thursday to know of they break the curse!

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 10

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The chapter starts with our couple discussing the upcoming summer holiday and reminiscence about the semester they had. Haruto then says that it would be nice to meet during the holidays and Kotori agrees. Kotori remembers all their kisses and blushes furiously. Haruto teases her and then asks if she wants to go on an overnight trip with him, but his phone rings, though Haruto says that he will call them back later, Kotori tells him it’s better for him to answer. Haruto just says that it’s not what she thinks and kisses her to prove that she’s the only one he likes. He pushes her down but Kotori slaps him saying that they are still at school.

They schedule to meet in the park every day, when a very pretty lady shouts Haruto’s name. she asks him why he never answers his phone, and then Haruto introduces the lady as his sister. Then she once again starts shouting to ask why doesn’t he want to come to her wedding/ apparently the wedding is on Hawaii and he doesn’t want to Kotori to be cursed. She is stunned, and starts wishing thee was no curse on her so that Haruto could attend his sister’s wedding.

Kotori is deep in thought how to overcome the problem when she sees her parents being lovey-dovey and an idea come to her. She’s helping her mom do dishes she sees that her mom doesn’t have the mark on her wrist. She asks her mom if she is happy and gets the answer that she’s really happy. So Kotori starts brainstorming as to why there’s no mark on her wrist and if it is possible to get rid of the curse.


Is it or is it not, that’s what’s the question… you’ll find out next Thursday! Don’t forget to comment below if you liked or not this recap and if you have any requests!

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