Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blog Announcement #2 2 Year Anniversary!

Hi Everyone!

How is everything going so far? To say the truth I forgot about my one year anniversary, I nearly did the same with the second one. but thankfully my schedule book never fails to remind me what the day is or what should be posted, and apparently I have even made a small note to this day saying Blog B-Day!

I am quite thrilled as I can't take it to my mind that I've been already blogging and writing reviews for 2 years. It has been a long journey and I am very proud of myself, as I have got to know lots of people bloggers like me, and some fantastic authors! 

I am very happy that my reviews are appreciated at least by some, and I am looking forward to work even more, to bring the newest and more compelling reviews to you, so you bookshelf will never know what it means to not have a good book to read! 

That's not my cake, and I doubt I'll get any, I'll have to suffice with a bar of Twix and a great book for the day! But well, the hope dies last. If you are somewhere in Georgia (the country) send me a text, Maybe I can celebrate it with someone else :D 

and of course there should be a song right? I've been actually listening to this one for the whole day, but today is for the birthday songs so I will try to find one of my favourite ones too. 

Birthday song!

Thank you all, for staying with me during these 2 years and I hope to see you on Katie's Corner more often. There's lots of new reviews coming up, and you'll love them. 

Keep reading Katie's Corner, so you don't miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!



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