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Manga Review : Goodbye, Piano Sonata by Hikaru Sugii & Aka Akasaka

Title: Goodbye, Piano Sonata
Original Title: Sayonara Piano Sonata
Author: Hikaru Sugii
Artist: Aka Akasaka

Year of Release: 2011
Genres: Drama, School Life, Romance, Seinen, Slice Life, 

Status: Completed 
Chapters (Translated in English): 15

Volumes & Chapters: 3

Volume 1 Chapters 1-5
Volume 2 Chapters 6-10
Volume 3 Chapters 11-15

Mangafox – Goodreads


One day, while Naomi Hikawa goes to his "secret" scrapyard to gather some spare parts, he saw a girl playing an abandoned piano there. Somehow, the music had caused the junks to resonate, creating an illusion of a junkyard symphony. He was mesmerized by the familiar sounding melody, but he could not remember the tune. Just then, the girl noticed him, and called him a pervert/stalker. She then requested him to forget about the incident.

My Thoughts

Review covers 15 chapters 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! From the time I started the manga corner on my blog, this is either 4th or 5th manga about music that I am covering here. To say the truth, when I first started it I only finished the first volume and didn’t go further, said I will finish it later. My later became a year, but I’m still pretty proud of myself for not giving up and taking it up again to read. I do not even remember why I stopped reading it, guess at that time I was more interested in a different genre either seinen or smut. Who cares about that now! Let me get back to the story, introduce the characters and say why I loved this manga so much. Ready?

The story starts with Nao going to a so-called “store for everything” in search for some spare details. There by chance he sees a girl, who is playing piano in the middle of junk. Oh, right I forgot to mention that the “store for everything” is a junkyard.

Who’s the girl playing the piano? It’s a famous Mafuyu Ebisawa, a genius pianist, who hasn’t appeared on stage for a long time. Their relationship doesn’t start good. Nao is labeled as stalker, and it doesn’t help that Mafuyu was just transferred to his school and steals Nao’s room to practice playing guitar. So, now it’s up to Nao to get his room back and teach Mafuyu what rock is. Why rock music? Are you a fan of classical music? Well, I am, and even if I am not a big fan of piano, being a violin player had its toll on that matter.

The thing is that at the time that I was reading this manga I was already not thinking about my violin, but my university studies. And when I was reading this story, everything that I loved about music came back to me. I can’t really explain this, but throughout the pages I was hearing all classical composers but not played on piano, but on an electric guitar. Amazing? As if, it was more than amazing! The way music was described, was absolutely like I myself was thinking about.

This story is more about music, than the relationship between Nao & Mafuyu. There is a line about their relationship and it is amazing, though music was the main theme. I hope you will find some time to read this great work! Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t miss your next favourite book. Happy reading!




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