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Book Review : Sacrificed by Stacy Claflin (Transformed #6)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Sacrificed 

Author: Stacy Claflin

Publication Date: 10 Jan, 2015

Publisher:       - 

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It’s a new generation of royal vampires. 

Alexis’ daughter Eylin is nearly grown, in the beginning of her transformation. Born with the mark of the dragon and placed under a spell as in infant, the young princess finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between mortal enemies. 

Eylin starts to fall for the son of their enemy: the one who kidnapped Eylin years earlier. Pulled between the ties of family and romance, she must decide between two different worlds. Depending on the decision she makes, someone will end up sacrificing their life. 

If you haven't read the other books in the series, you can read Deception (#1) for FREE.

My Thoughts:

Hi guys and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! As I promised I’m catching up on transformed series. Though catching up ends here for a time being. Why? Because I don’t have the next books yet. I need to get my hand on them very fast. But do not worry, I need to catch up on many series, and as currently I’m more into reading books again I’ll try to upload the reviews every Tuesday and Friday.

Now let me get back to the book. That was awesome! And I mean it en every aspect. I haven’t had such a god read in weeks, it did lack a bt, but the again that will surely be told in the mext books. I’m so waiting to get them. My original idea was correct, but not entirely. This book had two POV-s: Eylin’s and Alexis’. Though Eylin’s like was much better and more interesting. I already know that she was going to be attracted to Darius – the dragon, because it was written in the end of the 5th book, however, the stay Stacy developed their relationship and the creature she made Eylin turn into, WOW! I just couldn’t contain my excitement. And well my excitement is on its peak even now, thought it is getting weaker as my brain gets it that I will need to postpone my curiosity for at least a month before I can dive in the series again.

It may be me, but lately the author doesn’t really bother with character description. I mean when I was reading the first 3 books I had a perfect image of Alexis, Alre and Cliff, everyone, I was even not happy with original covers. As they did not match all that great with description. However, now you can kill me but I have absolutely no image of Eylin, Darius or Blake. We have such scarce information about them, that it actually drove me crazy. Guess this was the reason I took of half if the star. Otherwise the book is awesome! It’s a great introduction into what’s gong to happen next. How will Eylin and Darius put up with the mess they are in? What’s going to happen when Eylin’s secret gets out? That for you to find out! But before you jump to conclusions first you need to find out what’s the secret Eylin is keeping. Intrigued? You should be! I hope you’ll find some time to read this awesome sequel, I read it in a day. I mean it. I finally restored my reading speed. It was down by a half after I got engrossed in mangas, as there is not much text, so I did read fast, but I got used to less text on the page. Hope you give this series a chance if you haven’t read it yet. You can check the pervious reviews on my blog! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t forget to share you thoughts below! Don’t miss your possibly next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!



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