Saturday, 1 August 2015

Book Haul & Blog Weekly #57

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You Are My Home by Fujio Ai



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Duplicity by Stacy Claflin (Transformed #5)

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Cover Reveal : Twins Royale by Amari A (Royal Gene Series #1) [KC Book Promotions]

Manga Review : Sleeping Beauty - Falling In Love Like A Dream by Yuna Sasaki
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Blog Announcement #1

Waiting on Wednesday #53 Every Last Breath

Manga Review : You Are My Home by Ai Fujio 
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Book Review : Duplicity by Stacy Claflin (Transformed #5)
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Hello Everyone!

Nice having you check my blog, and how was your week?

Mine was both good and bad. first good, if you checked my facebook page, this week i was in the Caucasus mountains, so it was awesome, as i had plenty of time to read and write. so for the next 3 weeks i have plenty of book reviews to share with you. as well as it was chilly there in the evenings, meaning i could actually sleep! 

And now for the bad news, they absolutely do not concern my blog, but they do concern my hobby, mainly Photography. yep, right on the first day of my trip, my camera which i had for around 5 years broke. and it's permanent.... meaning i am in mourning, and only some of the people understand it, as photography was my hobby from i guess childhood. when my grandma made a joke like, now you'll have time to read more normal books, i just snapped. 

but well, good news are that i've wanted to change it, so now i will have a solid argument to myself as well as my dad as to why i need a new camera, though i first need to save up for it. hopefully i'll get on until christmas, otherwise my club activities will be postponed, and i seriously do not want that. 

Do you have any ideas which camera i could get? I am thinking of getting Nikon D5500 or D5300, as i want a DSLR one and I am more in tune with Nikon. Any suggestions? 

How was your week, and what new did you get? I will be in my mourning period until i get a new one, but trust me it will not affect my blog, as for the next 3 weeks the schedule it absolutely full!



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