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Book Tour : Wings of Darkness and Flame by Cassandra Stangle

Title: Wings of Darkness and Flame

Author: Cassandra Stangle 

Publication Date: 13 December, 2014

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There are many dangers in our world, some seen some unseen. You’ve felt them haven’t you? The eyes on your back as you make your way to your car late at night, but when you turn around there’s nothing there, or is there? In the shadows they are watching you, creatures of nothing but shadows and malice. They are the shadow. They are the Salockue. But don’t worry, they will only eat those that can see them, such as the creatures of magic and legend. (Fairies, elves, and dwarfs). You’ve probably seen a member of the western fairy clan. They look just like you and me for the most part, but they are extremely attractive and mysterious. That is the lure of the Fay.
Dark has spent the last four thousand years fighting those monsters of darkness, His clan has lost many during this war and his parents were among them. The only family he has left is his twin brother Krad. Now he is desperately trying to keep his quickly dwindling clan safe when a sudden vision changes his life forever. The woman in his vision makes his heart flutter. Who is she? He has to find out. 
Thanks to his gift, Krad practically lived in his brothers’ shadow which was perfectly fine with him. He never truly wanted the attention their status gave them. His gift, of course, made things difficult. But when he met Victoria he wanted to truly know her. What he found was that she also had a special gift, and found that he wasn’t the only one interested in her. Echo covets her “unique” talents. Now they have to keep her safe from the Salockue and that pointed-eared bastard or Echo may actually accomplish his goals. 


"Dark, what is that?" Grace pointed at the dark fog, her eyes wide with fear as the ride began to move again. 
 "It's the same thing that attacked you the other night. Don't worry; when the ride stops, we run to the gate." He reassured her.
 "It's going to be fine. I will protect you." He kissed her quickly and grabbed her hand. When the ride stopped, they ran as fast as they could, dodging the hands and claws that swiped at them when they passed. Dark stopped suddenly when he saw the entrance was blocked by the miasma.
 "Jleckem!!" Dark cursed, pulling Grace closer to him.
"Uuma dela, rashwe, ta tuluva a' lle." A happy, yet sinister voice stated. Dark's eyes narrowed when he heard the language of the fairies.
 "Who are you?" Dark demanded. The sound of footsteps echoed through the air. A tall, thin man with pale skin, ears that resembled the tips of knives under hair as black as night, stepped out of the darkness. His eyes were as red as rubies. He was dressed in all black, with orange ascents, a sinister grin on his face.
 "Ama'inq Fawn, Unguer." He answered happily.
 "Fawn, the Hollow one? What do you want?" Dark asked angrily. Fawn shook his finger slowly from side to side.
 "Tsk, tsk. Now, now, let's not get hostile. Not yet, anyway. I've come to collect you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Easy being you come willingly, and hard being you don't and my beasties eat the human.... My, my, do they love human flesh." He laughed evilly.
 "Go to Hell, Nadorhuan!" Fawn's laughter ceased, his grin disappearing. He closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, they were glowing with madness.
 "The hard way, then. I shall enjoy watching as they rip her to shreds." He snapped his fingers and the miasma enveloped them. He began laughing hysterically. Dark pulled Grace in close, telling her, "Close your eyes and don't open them until I say otherwise." He lifted his free hand to the sky and began to summon his flame.
 "Mortal flame, I summon thee to defeat thine enemies." A flame swirled up from Dark's feet to create a barrier, keeping the miasma at bay. Fawn's laughter died, as he saw his creatures turning to ash at the mere touch of the flaming barrier. The roar of an engine to his left caught his attention. He looked through the creature's eyes to see a silver-haired man preparing to jump the wall on a motorcycle. If it was a normal man, there would be no worries, but this man was obviously not mortal, as he had rippling wings made of dark light . 
"Bah, no time, no time!" Fawn muttered to himself. He turned back to Dark. He thought for a moment, then he pulled out a small, black vulture feather. He ran it through his fingers once, then threw it at Dark. As it came into contact with the fire shield, it began to crackle with dark electricity. 
"Ah, ah, ah. None of that now, Your Majesty." he said, as Dark's barrier began to fade. He began to laugh hysterically again as Dark muttered a curse and lowered his hand. Then Dark whispered, 
"Father, give me strength. Shadow obeys Darkness; Darkness fades - engulfs all; I summon the darkness of the void to defeat thine enemies!" A deep dark purple liquid poured from below Dark's feet and flowed up into a cocoon, closing over their heads. It formed a tidal wave from his feet, throwing all enemies away from the couple. The roar of the engine grew very loud. Fawn searched, finding the fairy arguing with two others. "My, my, my, the mice come out to play..."

About the Author:

I was born in Arizona in 1988; my father was in the Military so we moved a lot. I had a hard time making friends so in-steed I read a lot, and soon books became my friends. My father was a brilliant unknown writer; his short stories and poems were amazing. After he died, when I was 9 years old, I decided in the 5th grade that I would be a writer, so I could inspire people the way my late father inspired me, I want to show the world what the combination  of the written word and my imagination can bring to life.

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