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Book Review : Spirits by RS McCoy (Book #2)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Spirits

Author: RS McCoy

Publication Date: July 20, 2014


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 "Loving her was easier when I thought we were going to die." 

Lark Davies sleeps in a gilded palace and eats the finest foods, but he would trade it all to change that one night. Unable to use his talent for mind-reading to prevent a series of murders, Lark’s dreams are ravaged by gruesome memories. Robbed of sleep and slowly losing his sanity, the devoted lover and expectant father can only watch as his life continues to spiral out of control. 

Whispers of invasion threaten what little peace their new life might have offered. Khea, the new queen of Nakbe–and his only light in the night–declares human sacrifice to be a necessary component of the island culture, forcing Lark to assert his disapproval. For the first time, the unifying bond he shares with her isn’t enough to keep them together. 

With his mentor at his side, Lark’s only hope to stand against the queen and avert a future of death lies in his unexplored ability to manipulate physical elements of the world. The two men search out the spirits that control water, fire, and wind in hopes of ending two thousand years of violent traditions before rival nations invade. 

Edited by Joshua Allen Mercier. Cover Art by Cristina McAllister. Fantasy Maps by NS Mangion.

My Thoughts:

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I have a sequel to the novel that I reviewed last year. The first book in the series is Spark and you can read the review here. But now back to today’s review. I enjoyed it a lot, but somehow it was slower paced that the first book. the book looked more into the feelings of Lark after the death of his friends. We do not see a lot of Khea, bit what we see makes us feel for her a lot. There are a lot of adventures, but the book takes its time to start and in the beginning you just want to shout at Lark. He’s wallowing in self-pity and not really paying attention to Khea.

We get to see a lot of new things in the world that RS McCoy conjured. There’s a lot of information to process and all stories about gods are really interesting, but at the same time I had this weird feeling that I’ve read them before somewhere. It was an interesting concept of how Lark thought of hos family to make the spirits obey him. The way he was trying to make himself better for Khea and his future kid. Lark’s new powers are amazing and you’ll have a heart attack at one of them.  I mean, I nearly had it, but then again I was really expecting it, because it was the only way to make him stop self-pitying for his friend’s death.

To say the truth, I was quite content with only one book and I didn’t think that a sequel was needed. But when I finished Spirits I was so pumped to read the third book. I believe all the fun and action will start with the third book. This was something like a prequel to the final battle. There are still a lot of secrets that need to be unraveled. And I’m so looking forward to see their kid. What kid of abilities will he have? Are you up for a great novel with twists and intrigues that make your heart beat a lot faster? If yes, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now and have fun reading! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos here, on Katie’s Corner! Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below. Don’t miss your next favourite book! Happy reading!



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