Sunday, 31 May 2015

Monthly Blog Recap : May

Hello guys!

How's it been going? How was your month? Mine was hectic with exams and establishing new features for the blog. So here there are:

  • Mini Review Corner (Book, Manga)
  • Character Review Corner (Book, Manga, Anime, TV Show)
  • KC Book Promotions
So, what's KC Book Promotions? Well, this is a small promotion company that I've established. Okay, it is launching tomorrow. For the next 2 month, all services will be free, so that, the company will get a start. The company will be providing small services in the beginning, due to small number of tour hosts. 

  • Cover Reveals;
  • Book Blitzes;
  • Review Tours
So, if you will be interested in the services, please, order them now and have fun. I am always happy to help authors promote their books. 

What are your plans for summer? Mine are very simple: Blog, blog, blog, sleep, sleep, sleep and having lots of fun. Fill out these two forms if you want to take part in the fun.

For Bloggers | For Authors 

Have a great summer!



And now our blog recap:

Book reviews:

4 Leaves

4.5 Leaves

Manga Reviews:

4 Leaves

4 Leaves

4 Leaves

5 Leaves

3.5 Leaves

5 Leaves

Release Day Blitz:

Book Blitz:

Book Blitz : Jaded Little Lies by Christina Channelle 

Cover Reveal: 


My Goodreads Reviews vs My Blog Reviews : Reality and Truth

Waiting On Wednesday:

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