Monday, 25 May 2015

Manga Review : The Black Transfer Students by Satoshi Morie

Title: The Black Transfer Students 
Original Title: Kuro Tenkousei
Author: Satoshi Morie
Artist: Satoshi Morie

Year of Release: 2010
Genres: One Shot, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, 

Status: Completed / One Shot
Chapters (Translated in English): 1

Volumes & Chapters: 


Two mysterious transfer students investigate a school where, in the past two months, three student have fallen to their deaths.

My Thoughts

Review covers 1 chapter

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Katie’s Corner and the marathon of Satoshi Morie’s works. The fourth and the last week of this marathon have started. This week I’ll be only having two one shots to share with you. But they are quite amazing. I suppose you stayed with the marathon all the way and may have even found your next favorite read. Well, let’s get started now.

Today I have a 40 pages one shot, full of mystery and action. Well, it was an amazing attempt on horror and well; I loved it a lot. Yuzu is quite a character there. His eyes make you shiver, but you just can’t hate him. His ideas are far from ideal, but you still understand him and sometimes you even share his ideas. Atori is the calm and composed one. But you know the saying that when the calm person gets mad you should run as fast as you can. That’s juts Atori for you. The plot was quite interesting. Imagine a school for orphans and those students are the ones who bring justice to other schools of there were some murders. In short they are killers. Twisted? That word doesn’t really explain it. Yuzu’s hated for adults is something much more that a feeling, it’s like his core for living. The guy has a sense of justice that is very different from ours, but it’s something to look at. If you are a killer, you will be punished. Where you the victim or not he doesn’t care. The way he pushed the murderer was something amazing. I nearly choked on my tea.

Now, let me address another issue, which we fans have mentioned in the comments. BL? Really?

Well, it may have become a shounen-ai if there were next chapters, but it’s just a one shot. The last page was something to munch on. Maybe those two will be visiting your school next as transfer students? I wish I was still in high school to see those two guys in my school, but that’s just my wishful thinking.

I hope you find some time to read this awesome one-shot. Enjoy it to its fullest. And stay tuned for more reviews and different events. Don’t miss the last stop in my marathon. It’s going to be a really nice one shot. Hope you like it. Happy reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me!




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