Saturday, 16 May 2015

Book Haul & Blog Weekly #46

Book Haul & Blog Weekly is a weekly featute here at Katie's Corner inspired by Stacking Shelves by Tynga's Reviews and The Sunday Post by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

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Blog Weekly:

Manga Review : White Porcelain by Satoshi Morie
5 Leaves

Release Day Blitz : Salvaged by Delisa Lynn

Waiting On Wednesday #42 Nothing but Shadows

Re-release Book Blitz : A Debt Repaid by N. Isabelle Blanco 

Manga Review : Farewell Children by Satoshi Morie
3.5 Leaves

Cover Reveal : Where Shadows Lie by Tialla Rising 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie's Corner!

How was your week? mine was full of exams and exam preparations. as you are reading this post, i might be sitting at my 3rd exams. Yep, i sometimes, nope, always schedule my posts, so that i do not miss anything. 

Well, this week as well as last week, i didn't some books, but contrary to last week my blog has been active. also i am very happy that my average page view these days is around 100-130. it may not be a lot for you, but for me it's a really nice thing. 

So far, are you enjoying my manga marathon? i hope you are, because i myself am enjoying it a lot. one more week, and the book reviews will come in too. starting like 25-26th of May, and trust me, if not twice a week, but i will do my best to post them once a week. i mean i have so many books to read, but i just don't know from which to start. 

How was your week? did anything interesting happen? i have only one week left, and i will finish my second year of studies, and beach, sun, and sea i am coming straight there! need to get tanned :D 




Authors and bloggers, do not miss my new feature that will be starting in June. If you want to be part of it, just fill out these forms. i'm putting them in link form, i don't want to reveal it yet. 

For bloggers :

For Authors:

Will be waiting for your participation. So excited to launch it :D 


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