Thursday, 21 May 2015

Manga Review : Girl Guard by Satoshi Morie

Title: Girl Guard
Original Title: Shoujo Guard
Author: Satoshi Morie
Artist: Satoshi Morie

Year of Release: 2009
Genres: Romance, One Shot, Shoujo

Status: Completed / One Shot
Chapters (Translated in English): 1

Volumes & Chapters: 


Unlike other 16 years old, Miyako only knows how to be a bodyguard. Taken in by Haruka-sama after her father passed away, Miyako is determined to give her life to protecting Haruka-sama.

My Thoughts

Review covers 1 chapter

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Katie’s Corner; nice having you here. The third week of my Satoshi Morie’s marathon of works is coming to the end. Only one week left and if I am not mistaken only some one shots are left. Though there are 2 or even 3 full mangas, however I can’t review them yet, because only 1 chapter of each serialization is available on the website where I read. When I get more chapters to read, I will definitely share them with you.

Okay, back on track. What do we have today? A really sweet story, with quite a sip of action. Meet our heroine – Miyako. She is a bodyguard for her “master” – Haruka. And there’s Haruka’s business partner and friend – Michitaka, who confesses to her. Well, both Haruka and his friend are older that Miyako, and there’s this whole age difference problem. I didn’t really get why she still chose Michitaka as her love interest. However, the ending leaves a lot to our imagination. We can build their future ourselves.

It is transparent that Haruka loves Miyako as a woman, but at the same time he isn’t able to confess his love, because as he says this way Miyako will lose her idea for existence. But in the end he does tell Michitaka that he isn’t giving up and if something happens he is willing to kill his friend to protect the girl he loves. The manga has a thrill and a great humor, you will laugh a lot, but will also have something to think on.

I hope you get to read it and will enjoy it to its fullest. Stay tuned not to miss my new reviews, and maybe you will find your next favorite book or manga. Happy reading and do not forget to share your thoughts with me. Enjoy!




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