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Manga Review : School Hotel by Satoshi Morie

Title: School Hotel 
Original Title: Gakkou Hotel 
Author: Satoshi Morie
Artist: Satoshi Morie

Year of Release: 2007
Genres: Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 7 + 2 One Shots

Volumes & Chapters: 2 Volumes

Volume 1 Chapters 1-4 + One Shot
Volume 2 Chapters 5-7 + One Shot


Welcome to the School Hotel, where the people who can’t show their true self at the afternoon school, can be themselves. One day, Tenno Toriko, a highly intelligent student at Kenrin High School was invited to the School Hotel…?

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My Thoughts

Review covers 7 chapters 

Hello everyone! First of all, it’s already May and this is the first manga review of the month. Now, let me tell you this. This month on my manga side of blog I will be covering Satoshi Morie’s works. I thought if making it like that die to my final exams and well because I just love her works. I’ve read her works a number of times and they always leave me with a broad smile.

Today I’ll be discussing one of the last mangas I’ve read – School Hotel. The title already gives us anticipation of something interesting or weird to happen. I loved the idea that Satoshi Morie put into this work. She always puts some life problems in her works, but this ne was of the best. Are you also hiding your true self during daytime at school? If you are then this manga is just for you. If you say you are not are you sure? You are not lying, right? Well, nevertheless even you will find this manga fun and interesting. Now let me introduce some of the characters, mostly the main ones.

Amano Toriko – the honor student, who helps everyone and because of that was given the nickname of a saint of private Keirin high school. That’s her during daytime:

One day she gets an invitation to a school hotel. She discards it as a joke and because she helps out everyone, she soon forgets about it. But is he really a saint? Doesn’t all that smiles and requests suffocate her? Alas, they do, and when she somehow does end up at the school hotel what is going to happen? The restraint of the uniform is lifted and the real Amano Toriko resurfaces.

Yep, that’s the real Toriko. Where you shoked? I was kind of expecting it, but it still made me laugh a lot when I saw her.
The first volume mostly focuses on Toriko, however the second one is all about Ozuka Mizuchi and the relationship between those two. Oh right, I guess I forgot to tell you who Mizuchi is. How do I describe him… he’s the manager at the school hotel, a really handsome guy, however during daytime he’s what you can absolutely absentminded guy, who is forgotten by everyone. Sorry if I spoiled the secret, but you still get it at the end of the very first chapter and if you are a careful reader, you will see him in the very beginning. Mizuchi has his secrets as well as his issues. He’s a really fun and interesting character to read about.

I love Satoshi-sensei’s drawing style. Her characters are a bit similar to Takagi Shigeyoshi’s. Sharp angles, a bit cold, but at the same time they have such strength flowing though them, that you just can’t not fall in love with them. All characters have their own story to tell. I would have loved to read a bit more about other characters, but the story still made me smile and I really supported all the main characters for either their choices or their idiotic behaviors. I really liked the idea of having a hotel at night at school. Are you one of us? One of those who wear a mask during daytime? Do you want to find a place where you can be yourself? School Hotel is waiting for you.

I found out that they are twin sisters, Satoshi writing shoujo, while Takagi Shigeyohi shounen. If you are also a fan of BL then you may know Satoshi Morie as Ogawa Chise. Don’t miss your chance to read this amazing manga by Satoshi Morie. And stay tuned to the blog for more of her works as well as more reviews and events from me. Happy reading and don’t forget you share your thoughts with me!




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