Sunday, 17 May 2015

My GoodReads Reviews vs My Blog Reviews: Reality and Truth

Hi, Guys!

It's not that usual of me to write this kind of posts, but i think I will start to do it more ofter, otherwise, I will either go nuts or my couch will start having me. Pretty inadequate, I know, but just now I read a message on my GoodReads page, and it actually made me think as to why half of my reviews are not posted there or anywhere else except for my blog. To say the truth, when I write my reviews, I solely write them for myself and my blog, but there are some people who enjoy reading them and I'm extremely happy about that. A big hug and thank you for all my readers!

So, I was talking about my blog reviews and goodreads reviews. You might have seen quite a lot of manga reviews (that's a Japanese comic, for those who not know) on my blog. And the message i got was about them. As to why i do not rate or post reviews on goodreads for mangas. Well, here's the thing. When i write my reviews I combine the whole experience will it be from 2 volumes or 15 into one review and write it like that. The exceptions are the ones that are still ongoing or i haven't found the complete translation of, this time I either make two reviews or only one, depends how i liked the novel.

So, now comes the question and the answer. why don't i rate them? it's pretty hard for me to exclude one volume from the whole. i know i might sound crazy, but it's the same with me with books. If i start reading a trilogy, and i finish it all, without taking a break to write down my thought for each book separately, my agony begins, as I know the whole story and I can't write the review without trying to spoil next or previous books. Does that happen to you? that's why i always try to contain myself from starting the second book right away, but that doesn't always come true.

Therefore i cam to a conclusion! First of all, i will introduce myself first and then you to a feature called MINI REVIEW. I believe it will be a good thing, there will be full reviews of course, but sometimes i will post mini reviews to just give some thoughts on the book or manga. The mini review will be the same format as the normal review, the only difference will be the small 200-300 word review. originally my reviews start from 400 words. The mini reviews will not apply to the books I receive from author in exchange for an honest review. This feature will  apply only to the books I buy myself.

Secondly, during June, i will upload all my reviews on the websites such as Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Itunes, BookDepository, ect. Regarding manga reviews and rating on Goodreads, I will be uploading the reviews to mostly all the volumes in the series, and they will be unfortunately the same, except for those where i will be making 2nd or 3rd review. Also as on my blog i will be including the chapters that volume includes.

I hope these are good news to some, who enjoy reading reviews on Goodreads more that on blogs, so hopefully, you will enjoy reading them :)

Don't miss the new feature that will launch on the 1st of June. both authors and bloggers are highly welcomed to take part. i can't disclose information until next week, i am still waiting for some stuff to be completed!

You can however follow these google docs, and you will get a general idea as to what is going to happen :D :D

for Authors,   for Bloggers:

Have a great week, and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on my blog, if it is in my power, i will try to do it. Happy reading!



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