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Pre-Release Blitz : Captive Guardian by Paulina Woods (Witches Amulet Series #2)

Hello everyone! Today we have a release blitz dedicated to Paulina Wood's new release: Captive Guardian (Witched Amulet #2)

Publication Date: 28 May, 2015


Element – Fire (Primal)
Royal House – Purple

High above New York, in a gilded cage, Marcus lives out his lonely life. Born in captivity, he has been told he has one purpose in life, to produce powerful female witch offspring.

Michael is second in command to the general of the gargoyles army. He lives a fast and dangerous life, always looking for the next adventure. When he is captured, bound and tossed into a cage all thoughts of revenge go out the window when he is faced with his mate.

Can Michael convince Marcus that they are meant to be together or will he lose his mate before he a chance to know him?

This is book 2 in The Witches Amulet series.



Reaching across the table, Michael lifts Marcus head until he is looking in his eyes. "I will not leave you when it’s time for me to go. We go together and I will take you back to my realm."
Hope lights up Marcus’ eyes for a second before dying. "There is no way out. I have watched so many males hope for a way back home only to have their wills crushed."
"Well none of those men were me." Taking a closer look at Marcus, Michael suddenly has a bad feeling. "Who is your mother?"
Looking back down Marcus starts pushing the remains his food around his plate.
"Marcus, look at me." The command has Marcus looking up.
"My mother is Queen Lilith," Marcus whispers.
Michael slumps back in his chair, he had expected it but hearing it is a different matter. He is undeniably attracted to the son of the bitch everyone wants to kill.

Guest Post 

Hi Katie and thank you for hosting me. You asked that I talk about my summers and what I love to do. Funny, now that I am an adult and don’t have kids I totally forget when summer arrives. Well I do live in Southern California and its summer year around, even when it rains. But I would love to talk about what I did as a child for summer.

            A typical day would start with my mom leaving for work and telling us to have the house clean when she returned. As a single parent of four children she had to provide for us and the day-to-day raising of my siblings fell to me, the oldest girl. On the days when the heat was tolerable (90 degrees or lower) we were outside causing trouble.
            Our backyard looked like a small town with roads, rivers, rock outlined homes, stores and even a few jails. As I remember the jails were used when one of the four got on the others nerves. The town was the capital of Paulina's Kingdom and we were in constant war with Jamestown. Our red wagon was the royal car and an old beat up food truck was our space ship. Hours would pass before we realized it and my mom would arrive to a dirty house but tired children.
            If that sounds like an ideal childhood summer what my mom did on Saturday would be heaven. She would wake us up around eight and we would clean and go on outreach for the church. Around one or two she would drop us at the local library, where we were known by name, and we would take two hours to pick out the perfect few books. By the time I was in fifth grade I had read through half of the YA. When she picked us up we would go home where finger foods were placed on the table and everyone would find a corner to curl up in and read. Everyone. This spawned our love of books and creativity. Even now you can find us all hanging together, reading.
            When my mom moved from our childhood home we were moving furniture and found so many books stuck in funny places. One book we all fought over, and in a way we still do is Ten Leagues to Boston Town by Dorothy Gilman Buters.. I just called my mom and we talked about how much this book has impacted out lives, I told you we are a book family.
            I get sad when I hear children talk about their summer and no once do they mention books. I cry for the day the last library closes.

Author Bio

Paulina is a small town girl with big dreams. She is the second oldest of three talented siblings.

As early as three she was directing her family around acting out whatever current story was in her head. At four between her older brother and her a whole universe was created which the younger siblings were introduced into as they were born.

Her natural ability to tell a story took her down many paths. She wrote plays, poems, small children books and short stories all before she went to high school.

When picking a career her councilor told her writing was a dying art and so she went to school for veterinarian science. Three years later she dropped out of university and went to a community college and took a journalism class, the rest is history.

In 2008 she graduated with her BA in Communication/Journalism from Cal State Fullerton.

Life got in the way but in 2013 she started a review blog and November 2014 her first book was published.


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