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Book Review: The Simulations by John Forelli

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: The Simulations

Author: John Forelli

Publication Date: 20 April, 2015


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When Ray Ality arrives for a job interview at Simulations Inc. he's immediately drawn to Delilah, the cute receptionist. Only one problem: she's engaged.

Ray soon concocts a plan to win Delilah over, as he and his new, eccentric coworker Bob use the company's software in an attempt to simulate the process of courting her. Ray soon discovers that the simulations aren't exactly what he expected, and as he sinks deeper into virtual reality it becomes harder to distinguish real life from the imaginary.

This novel is Office Space meets The Matrix--an existential discourse told among keyboards and cubicles.

My Thoughts:

Hello and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Long awaited book review from me! Well, it had to be posted last week, but well things came up, couldn’t really write the review, so here it is. First of all, I got this book from author in an exchange for an honest review, hereby all thoughts expressed here are mine and were not copied from anyone.

What is the story about? And why I loved it a lot? Well, meet our main character – Ray and follow him to him to work to Simulations Company every day. You think that’s boring? As if meet the co-workers of Ray and you’ll forget what boredom is, right from the start of meeting every one of them. You’re still thinking that it’s boring? Okay, now imagine that ray fell for a cute receptionist – Delilah, but here’s the thing she is engaged. What to do? Well, the answer is easy, build a simulating software and become part of it in order to get the general idea as to how to get Delilah. Now, does it seem boring to you? I suppose not. Then what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now, and have fun with Ray at his workplace.

As soon as I started reading the book, I had mixed feelings. The first thing that caught my attention and just didn’t want to leave my mind was the company itself and of course the workplace. Is every workplace as crazy as that one? I mean every person working there had at least one loose screw in his/her heads. And as Ray correctly stated, the sanest person was the craziest one. Meet the characters, which catches your eye from the very beginning and makes the whole book amazing until the end – Bob. He’s character that I really enjoyed reading about. All his ideas may seem insane, but they are quite genius, if you go deeper into them. Of course his obsession of him in the beginning, but the more you get to know about him, the more likeable of a character he becomes. You can even say that if there were no Bob, nothing fun and interesting would have happened. Why? That’s because he was the one who put the idea of making simulations in order to get Delilah into Ray’s head. See, the best character ever.

I cannot really forget to say something about ray, can I now? Well, he’s definitely the character worth being the main one. This perception of workplace, the interesting with his coworkers and his superiors, just crack you up at some times, but at others you get this strange feeling: “is every workplace like Simulations? What if I might be working in such conditions too?” well, that’s what I was thinking while reading this book. Ray’s simulations, or should I say tries in virtual reality to “get laid” were fun to read. While reading one thing crossed my mind, however, only those who have watched Sword art Online (that’s a Japanese anime) can actually understand. Doesn’t Oculus Rift’s invention, which Ray used to get into virtual reality, remind you of the helmet that was used for games in SAO? So, will Ray actually get Delilah? Heh, as if I’m saying that!

Read for yourself to find it our and have fun with Ray in Simulations co. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll love the book, though it might seem a bit slow, but it had its own pace, which is amazing just for this book. I just hooked you up on it and you’re still thinking whether to read or not? Don’t, just grab your copy now and put it on the top of your reading list! Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promo posts here, on Katie’s Corner. Don’t miss your next favourite book! Happy Reading! 



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