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Book Review : Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista (The Reaper #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Reaping Me Softly

Author:  Kate Evangelista

Publication Date: October 30th, 2012

Publisher:  Omnicific Publishing

Cover Art by:  Liliana Sanches

Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance


Ever since a near-death-experience on the operating table, seventeen-year-old Arianne Wilson can see dead people. Just as she’s learned to accept her new-found talents, she discovers that the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year, Niko Clark, is a Reaper.

At last they have something in common, but that doesn’t mean life is getting any easier. All while facing merciless bullying from the most powerful girl in school, Arianne’s world is turned upside down after Niko accidentally reaps the soul of someone she loves. This sends them both into a spiral that threatens to end Arianne’s life. But will Niko break his own Reaper’s code to save her? And what would the consequences be if he did?

My Thoughts:

The Book is another "True Love" story, but could a death Reaper fall in love so deeply that he will risk everything for that human? And could that human fall in love with him so much deeper that she will sacrifice what is precious to her? Her memories of him and her Sight? All of this is possible in this breathtaking novel by Kate Evangelista.

As you all know ( or maybe not all ) I got interested in book after I made  A Post for Prize for this specific book. I liked the cover and the plot. And unfortunately or fortunately all my TBR books where in my iPad iBooks which died and I couldn't recharge it, I got the book on my phone and read it all there. Even though it was inconvenient to read on a small screen, I was still mesmerised by the book and finished it so fast, I think I broke my own record. The book was so worth all that inconvenience. Though I am still thinking to read the book after some time on a normal size screen, That will definitely enchance me more.

I liked characters and liked the writing but I can't say I was really blown by it, but it still felt easy to read and understand. It's really rare that I like reading YA paranormal Romance from Author's side, but this time I felt what characters felt as if they were speaking it all and that has to say something. I liked Ari, Niko and Ben for their sacrifices and for their features. But I do think that Ben agreed to take Ari's place because he wanted to be reunited with Carrie. I even liked Death, who I don't think was the villain of the book ( many can contradict with that, but that's my idea of it ). Everything has its price, so does love and mortality, and he just names that price. Yes, he tortured Niko, but Geez, he is Death Death. He is the one " who was there when everything was created and even before it, and he will be the one who will see everything end. In the end he will be the one to escort God himself to his death" ( From Supernatural when Death speaks with Dean). After all we can't expect for Death to break his own rules. It's not Death With Interruptions   by  Jose Saramago.

Some of my favourite parts: 
"Death - one of the most powerful entities the universe had ever given birth to - experienced migraines."
"I don't know what's more horrifying, the fact that you're giving me a version of 'the talk', which Mom already gave , by the way, or that you just said Ben is Cute."
 "Meeting you saved me. When you saw me on that bench, I was wondering why I was there when I thought of teleporting home after meeting with my master. It's just now that I realized my home is with you."
 I liked the book, that's why I give it 4 stars. But I would have given only the expert from UnReap My Heart all 5 even 6 stars. That's why I already have high expectations for it. and I so hope I won't be disappointed. Enjoy the book, and Happy Reading!!!! See you around here and don't forget to leave comments, so I know what you thought about book or my review :))

Read An Expert

My Rating: 

Characters   4/5
Writing         4/5 
Cover            4/5
Plot                4/5

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