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Review : Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey ( The SecretOrder #1 )

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Legacy of the Clockwork Key

Author: Kristin Bailey

Publication Date:  5th March 2013

Publisher:  Simon Pulse

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A teen girl unravels the mysteries of a secret society and their most dangerous invention in this adventure-swept romance set in Victorian London.When a fire consumes Meg’s home, killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future, all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes. But this is no ordinary timepiece. The clock turns out to be a mechanical key—a key that only Meg can use—that unlocks a series of deadly secrets and intricate clues that Meg is compelled to follow.

Meg has uncovered evidence of an elite secret society and a dangerous invention that some will stop at nothing to protect—and that Meg alone can destroy. Together with the handsome stable hand she barely knows but hopes she can trust, Meg is swept into a hidden world of deception, betrayal, and revenge. The clockwork key has unlocked her destiny in this captivating start to a trilogy.

My Thoughts:

Before I read Legacy of the Clockwork Key, I read Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices, and I loved that series so much, that I could read it every day even. I really liked the book because of it's whole non-magical story. But kill me if I didn't think that Meg was like Tessa, brave, stubborn and of course seeking answers. and Will was like Will Heronalde, arrogant, stubborn, maybe too stubborn, and of course "breathtakingly hot".

The world of gear inventions of Victorian-London was new to me, and it was really facinating. Nothing can compare to man's invention, ecpecially if there is no MAGIC involved. And maybe that's why this book is so good. You do get bored with whole paranormal stuff, and you need some distraction from it, and taht's were Kristin Bailey comes in handy with her non-paranormal book. Becuase, even if we like to read about Vampires, Nephilim, Demons, and others, we know that they are not real or we think they are not real, but inventions that can be always real, just think of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Imagine, your parents died in the fire, and you rhink it's your fault, because you think it was you who forgot to switch the gas lamp. Imagine being raise to be a lady, and now working as a maid, and having all your dreams fall apart. And now imagine that your granfather who is suposed to be dead is alive and god knows where, imagine that your necklace is asuper awesome key to a secret organisations secrets. And now you have to pass a lot of tests, which involve nearly killing yourself in process, to unlock a secret which will change your life for ever. Add to all of that a boy, who so arrogant that you want to kill him in the beggining, but after you fall for him, hard, and oh joy, he falls for you two. Have you imagined all of that? Good, now read the book, and see if your imagination is as good as Kristin's. But I am really possitive you won't be able to imagine the inventions which she has written about, without reading the book first.  Jump to a world full of deadly secrets, awesome inventions, breathtaking romance in Victorian England.

Happy Reading! You will definately enjoy the book, and don't forget to leave a comment or share the post. Enjoy! :)) 


Characters   3/5
Writing         3/5
Cover           4/5
Plot               4/5

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