Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Book Review : Betrayal by Stacy Claflin (Transformed #2)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Betrayal

Author:  Stacy Claflin

Publication Date:  4th March, 2013

Publisher:  Stacy Claflin


 Alexis returns to her family after being abducted by the powerful Moretti’s. She’s much more confident now that she’s learning to embrace her role as the long-awaited Sonnast. 

She stumbles upon evidence that Francine is acting upon her threat to wage war. When she returns to school, a handsome new teacher takes an unusual interest in her. She believes he’s hiding something because there appears to be a link between the pending war and the teacher’s secret.

Alexis has decided between the two guys that she loves, but the other one isn’t ready to give up so easily. He’s determined to win her over at any cost, even if he must risk his life. 

When Alexis finally reunites with her birth parents, she discovers a heavily guarded secret about herself which is connected to a deadly curse. Once again her entire world is turned upside down. She’s been misled and betrayed, but she won’t take it sitting down. She’s going to fight for what’s hers despite the obstacles or the consequences.

(This is book 2 in the series. I highly suggest reading Deception first!)

My Thoughts:

As I liked the first book, like really liked it, I gave a chance other 2. Actually this review, is for bitching the covers, and only little about the book. Why so? Because, I am planning a really awesome review for tomorrow, with telling you about every character, and everything which I liked about the book and not. 

So let us begin. First of all I really sometimes buy books for their covers. If that was that time, trust me I wouldn't have even looked in the direction of that book. The only cover which I liked from that series is of Fallen, none of the original Transformed series, and that seriously sucked. Like I didn't get who was taht woman in an archaic dress on the cover of the first novel. It was so outside of book. And what about the second novel, really that are who Tanner or Cliff, please tell me none of them is Alrekur, becuase then this is the worst cover ever. Like I can't see any resemblence with any of that guys. so kill me, if you want but still. And the cover of the 3rd book. Really? that's was it? That was a cover for a cheesy fantasy novel, and not for a YA paranormal book. 

So my verdict? Guys! Sometimes, or like never buy a book for it's cover, because sometimes the cover is like really awesome, and the book sucks. Those of you who are still interested in the journey which is awaiting for Alexis in Betrayal, cross your fingers, and read along. You will have everything, awesome new characters, everything you need. Just don't judge this book by it's cover. Trust me, you will really like it, and it will leave you wanting to read more. Happy Reading everyone! Enjoy this week. Don't forget to tell me what you think! 

My Rating:

Characters  4/5
Writing       4/5
Cover         1/5 
Plot             3/5

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