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Review : Hover by Melissa West (The Taking #2)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Hover

Author:  Melissa West

Publication Date:  13th August 2013

Publisher:  Entangled Teen

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On Earth, seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander was taught to never peek, but if she hopes to survive life on her new planet, Loge, her eyes must never shut. Because Zeus will do anything to save the Ancients from their dying planet, and he has a plan. 

Thousands of humans crossed over to Loge after a poisonous neurotoxin released into Earth's atmosphere, nearly killing them. They sought refuge in hopes of finding a new life, but what they became were slaves, built to wage war against their home planet. That is, unless Ari and Jackson can stop them. But on Loge, nothing is as it seems...and no one can be trusted.

My Thoughts:

I was waiting to buy this book for neary a month, and still there was no kindle version on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and at last I found an electronic version on one website. I was so happy, that my mom thought that I won a lottery.

I loved the book, so much but at first I couldn't get into it. But after 2nd chapter I was so into it, that if the aliens came nothing would have shaken me out from it. As always I adores Ari for her strenght of mind and for her self sacrifing character. It is not always that when we read that a character wants to sacrifice herself for other's cause that we see it sincerely and not blaf. But with Ari it was so natural that I really did believe it.

Jackson Lock aka Jackson Castello, Zeus's grandson. I liked the guy in Gravity, and I loved him in Hover, however, I so wanted to smack him sometimes. Dude, you do know that Ari loves you, even if she denies it. You made a mistake of not completely trusting her, do and tell her what it is in your heart, that will grow you two more together not apart! But no, the guy has to be all secret nearly to the end.

Zeus Castello, the dude, was always on my not so aweome villain list, but now he just moved to another list kill the bastard!!! He's craziness is something even a villain can't wish. And if the saying that evil never dies is right, Zeus is that evil, evil incarnation. And moving to the new Villain or can I say full planet of idiots named us - Humans? WTH is wrong with us?? in the book mainly? I won't say why I am so pissed at Law, but he is to be pissed at in the end.

The book as Gravity has an awesome cliffhanger, way to go Melissa, it is so awesome, if the third book was comig out sooner, but I need to suck it up and wait for it patiently, Who am I kidding? I hearing "BOOK" my patience leaves the room in nanoseconds. For fans of gravity read the book guys, you will be so blown away by it. For fans of Aliens, awesome choice of the month, to make you gnaw your nails in expectation.

Enjoy the book, and don't forget to leave comments. Happy Reading!!! :)) 

My Rating:

Characters   5/5
Writing         4/5
Cover           4/5
Plot               3/5

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