Friday, 27 September 2013


Hi Everyone! 

It's so awesome to be home, and have my favourite pillow under my head, but this is going to change in less than 2 days. why? Coz I am going off to college, and it's in another country. I am super nervous and excited about it, so don't be too hard on me because of lack of posts these two weeks.

 The contest in Prague was awesome, actually freaking awesome!!! And I miss all of the boys and girls I met there. Especially my roomate. As my uni starts on 30sept-1oct, and next two weeks will be something like hell to me (adjusting and all that jazz) so I did shedule some posts, but still, remember that I haven't forgotten you and books, I will be back as soon as I am settled and have time to read and blog. Hope it will be sooner than later. I really did miss blogging while contest. 

I guess that's all what I wanted to tell you today, so have an awesome weekend and don't forget to read books, and share your thoughts with me. You know my e-mail, but if not it's feel free to contact me and tell me about books you are reading :)) Happy Reading!!!!!

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