Saturday, 29 October 2016

Just Another Random Post #2 Halloween Maddness

Trick or treat?

I'll choose to spend the afternoon at the beach... 

And yup, I'm there :D those are my fret in the picture, but i doubt you can see them :D :D 

Anyway, getting back to today's random topic. It's haloween week, and it's truly a madness... Starting from wednesday there are paties everywhere, and my fantastic excuse not to party was: I'm too lazy to dress up :D 

Successfully dodging at least 5 parties i still got tangled up at one with my family. I wouldn't really call it a party, as it was us going to a weekend escape. Esencially i just wanted to sleep at home, but as it was a long one, and i wouldn't be able to see my little bro for next few weeks due to exams i went with the flow. 

The friday was without any real fun, if we don't count my brother and me playing war in the toy shop. 

Yup, somehow my brother ended up ad a star wars fan. Shame on me as a Star Trek fan. 

Anyway, the saturday started with me getting a really nice sleep and then driving to CyHerbia a herbal/botanical park. Though it was me who was into the trip once i heard about the Labyrinth... 

It was really fun, if we don't count my brother's sulking... Don't ask me the reason. I have no idea :D 

Some more pictures from the trip. :D 

I really loved this dress... 

This stash of pumpkins :D :D 

At the start of the maze :D 

Somehow at the end of the maze it was me and my brother who came out :D 

And of course i found a bicycle to take a picture with :D 

Anyway, about the real Halloween, i'll be spending it holed up on my bed watching something interesting :D 

Tell me how you will spend your halloween! :) 



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