Monday, 24 October 2016

New Webtoon Release: Oh! Holy by Ahyun

Hiya! Everyone!

How have you been? Missed me? Hope you did, as I really did miss writing random posts on the blog. xD 

Today, it's under a random category, however, I'm thinking of introducing this as a new feature once I'm back to full-time blogging, so currently it'll be randomly appearing once I have the urge to do something. :) 

Anyway, let me introduce this webtoon, it's fantastically romantic and hilarious! Currently, there are only 4 chapters, with the fourth one released only today on Line Webtoon. Therefore, if you were looking for some rom-con, start this story, you'll get hooked! It's a great blend of a strong female lead and a seriously cute nerd for her love interest who can see ghosts! Did I get you pumped? Hopefully, I did, as I'll be following this webtoon every Monday! 

Enjoy this awesome work!




I wouldn't have left you without some screenshots from the webtoon! 



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