Thursday, 27 October 2016

Just Another Random Post #1 Introduction & Weird Storage Place

Morning everyone!

How are you all? Right now i'm in the downtown of Nicosia drinking my Hibiscuis tea and waiting for the bus. I guess you're wondering what's up with this weird post. 

Well, let's just say, that initially Katie's Corner was aimed to become a safehouse for all my thoughts, concerns and of course book reviews. However, every time i started a so called random post something just intervined with it... But now, as i'm not posting any reviews due to lack of time to write them (initially it's just lack of time to afterwards cross-post them..) i can write all the random posts in the world :D mu ha ha ha ha 

Anyway, you'll be seeing this random feature appear on the blog, so get used to it :D get used to just random stories from passerbys, or me trashing this or that TV-show, you might also see something as random as how to get rod of dead body... Kidding (maybe). 

Let me get back to today's story: 

I will not say the name of the cafe, to ensure the promose i made not to disclose the secret. (And now you're thinking, wait isn't she doing that?) no i'm not, as i'm not saying where it exactly happened. Okay, so, i was just sitting in one of my favourite cafes, in diwntown nicosia, drinking the tea and looking through some papers, when a grandpa came into the cafe, he went straight to where i was sitting. I didn't really pay attention to him but when he started to take out something from behind the sofa i was sitting on it got a bit confusing. Apparently he has a stash of newspapers there. When i looked at him like he was crazy, he just replied, that some people just take them home and there's no more left for hik or his friends to read; thus the hiding place. 

If you ever do come by this hiding plar, please don't take the newspapers! 

Has anything similar happened to you? My bus will be in 10 minutes so i need to go to the bus station! 

Hope you enjoy tjis rabdom sessions :D 



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