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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 9

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The chapter starts with Kotori’s thoughts on how much she has changed lately, as she’s been kissed every time. She opens her eyes and finds Haruto sitting next to her bed. Haruto explains that he brought her to her room and that Takanami went back home. Then he joked about them being alone in the room, but he quickly added that he won’t do anything as Kotori is ill. He then starts talking about the recent kiss, and Kotori asks him if it’s okay to just kiss someone. She raises her fears that kissing has become something dull for her. Haruto tells her at that moment that he thinks kissing is something special, as now she’s the only girl he really wants to kiss, when before he only looked at the girl’s face. Then he makes an epic confession, that he will go to the world’s end just to kiss her, as he wants to protect her.

Kotori starts crying and Haruto shuts her up with a kiss. Kotori tries to to remind him of a promise, but he kisses her again. Kotori tries to reason with him as she is sick, but he disregards it and we finally hear Kotori’s thoughts: She has fallen in love with Haruto! *Uhu! Do a happy dance right now!*

Next day Kotori apologizes to Takanami, ad when he said that it’s a pity she met him after Haruto, she just replies that if she hasn’t met Haruto she would have never taken off her mask ad they wouldn’t have met. Kotori talks to Haruto about her talk with Takanami and when he says that he kissed her in front of Takanami to protect her, she tanks him and kisses on the cheek but Haruto sees her blushing face and kisses her on the lips.


aww… my cuties! Don’t miss the next chapter next Thursday. We’re nearing the end!

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