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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 11

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The chapter starts with Haruto exclaiming if the curse can be broken and Kotori explaining that there was no mark on her mom’s wrist. But then Haruto asks if the mark could be anywhere except the wrist. Kotori argues that it would be great if they know how to break the curse, but Haruto stops her telling that he doesn’t really want the curse to be broken. They argue and Kotori runs home.

Kotori tentatively asks her mom if it’s possible to break the curse, he mom is enraged, but Kotori covers it up saying that she might like someone but it’s nothing, but she just wants to know for the future reference. Her mom opens up to her saying that her curse was broken a long time ago. She explains that the idea of the curse is that the girl should only marry one person and never cheat on him. Therefore, the curse is broken once the girl “marries” or as Kotori’s mom says “yup, that thing!” then they talk about how the partner’s life changes because he has to kiss her everyday until the curse is broken. Kotori goes to her room still thinking about what she learned.

Next day she meets up with Haruto and after he kisses her, he asks of everything is okay. They start going home when Kotori stops him, and says that there’s no one at her home and her feelings toward him changed and she wants to talk about it. Haruto panics asking if she’s really all right. Then she drops the bomb that she knows how to break the curse. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to change his plans and that she takes up all his time and she doesn’t want that anymore and that’s why she has to break the curse. Haruto hugs her and says that he understands.


oh, my my… are we going to see some action? Only 2 chapters left1 come back next Thursday to know of they break the curse!

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