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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 12

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The chapter starts with a bit dark atmosphere. It’s raining cats and dogs, and we have a close-up of the couple’s hands if you ask me a total they’re-going-to-break-the-curse mood. The couple is alone at Kotori’s room, and when Haruto tries to touch her, she makes an attempt to run away by offering him tea and hurrying from the room. But Haruto stops her and throws her on the bed kissing her. Kotori still thinks that this is the right decision, that now she won’t trouble Haruto anymore when we get Haruto’s fanservice.

Kotori looks away and starts fumbling with her clothes when Haruto once again takes everything in his hands. We hear Kotori’s thoughts that she wished they did it without any occasion and at that moment Haruto stops saying they won’t be able to do it and he wants to treasure the time when they finally do it.  (can you exist in real life? I’m serious I want him in real life)

Kotori is speechless but agrees with him, and at that moment her mom comes back. Kotori quickly puts back her clothes and tells Haruto to hide somewhere. Kotori tries to tell her mom something when Haruto appears and kisses Kotori answering her mom’s question with That’s who I am. He confesses that he knows about the curse and he doesn’t care; he only wants to treasure and protect Kotori. Kotori stops him telling her mom that she protected her lips, but she intends to be with Haruto, but because of the curse he can’t attend his sister’s wedding, and she begs to let her go to Hawaii with him.

Her mom shocks her telling that she thought that Kotori Has kissed someone, but now she’s content that it’s such a good man, but then she whispers to Kotori that they don’t need to do it.

Afterwards, in the yard, Kotori confesses to Haruto that without him she wouldn’t be able to confess and that she’s truly happy. Haruto smiles and teases her that she has no idea what he has in mind for their trip.


OMG!!! Only one chapter is left! Don’t miss the conclusion to this awesome series next Thursday!

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