Thursday, 13 October 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 10

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The chapter starts with our couple discussing the upcoming summer holiday and reminiscence about the semester they had. Haruto then says that it would be nice to meet during the holidays and Kotori agrees. Kotori remembers all their kisses and blushes furiously. Haruto teases her and then asks if she wants to go on an overnight trip with him, but his phone rings, though Haruto says that he will call them back later, Kotori tells him it’s better for him to answer. Haruto just says that it’s not what she thinks and kisses her to prove that she’s the only one he likes. He pushes her down but Kotori slaps him saying that they are still at school.

They schedule to meet in the park every day, when a very pretty lady shouts Haruto’s name. she asks him why he never answers his phone, and then Haruto introduces the lady as his sister. Then she once again starts shouting to ask why doesn’t he want to come to her wedding/ apparently the wedding is on Hawaii and he doesn’t want to Kotori to be cursed. She is stunned, and starts wishing thee was no curse on her so that Haruto could attend his sister’s wedding.

Kotori is deep in thought how to overcome the problem when she sees her parents being lovey-dovey and an idea come to her. She’s helping her mom do dishes she sees that her mom doesn’t have the mark on her wrist. She asks her mom if she is happy and gets the answer that she’s really happy. So Kotori starts brainstorming as to why there’s no mark on her wrist and if it is possible to get rid of the curse.


Is it or is it not, that’s what’s the question… you’ll find out next Thursday! Don’t forget to comment below if you liked or not this recap and if you have any requests!

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