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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 13 [END]

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The chapter opens up with the wedding and Kotori gushes how beautiful Uhii-san (Haruto’s sister) is. Kotori is still doubtful that she should be here, but Haruto thanks her for coming with him, then he starts sulking because he wants to see Kotori in the wedding dress. Kotori thinks that he’s teasing and wonders how long they will be together. Haruto tries to yank her from her gloomy thoughts when his sister’s friends ask to take a picture with them. Kotori sends him away and once he’s gone someone approaches her. Haruto is back but can’t find Kotori, when his sister teases him that somebody was hitting on her, Haruto runs to the balcony finding Kotori in a wedding dress.

Kotori tries to explain that his sister made her wear it. Haruto falls, and Kotori starts mumbling that she’s not as beautiful as Uhii-san., and she’ll change her clothes right now. She tries to leave when Haruto stops her saying that he adores her and hugs her. He tells her that he might not be able to control himself anymore and that means that they have to get married asap. Kotori is stunned and asks him to repeat, and that is it okay with a girl like her. Haruto ignores her telling that she’s the only one in his heart and kisses her.

Next day Haruto is sulking that he couldn’t do anything as they were in different rooms and then because Kotori hasn’t answered the question. He starts getting up as the boarding on their plane is open when Kotori kisses him unexpectedly and says: “Kirino-kun (that’s Haruto’s surname) please, break the curse somewhere in the future, okay?” She runs thinking that one day they will bind their "yes" with a kiss!


I can’t believe it was the final chapter! Thank you everyone who has been reading my recaps. It means a lot! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below and if you have any recommendations, please email me. I’ll try to find everything that I can. I’m starting The Wolf Kiss next Thursday! Oh, and there might be a surprise starting next week too!

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