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Mini Manga Review : About How I'll Die if I Loose My Virginity by Mario Morita & Yuusuke Wakabayashi

Title: About How I'll Die if I Loose My Virginity
Original Title: Ore Ga Doutei O Sutetara Shinu Ken Ni Tsuite
Author: Mario Morita 
Artist: Yuusuke Wakabayashi

Year of Release: 2012
Genres: Mature, Romance, Mystery, Seinen

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 22

Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chapters 1-6 Volume 3 Chapters 13-17
Volume 2 Chapters 7-12 Volume 4 Chapters 18-22


Ichijo Kazuya thought that he was murdered, but when he came to, he was back in his high school days. He lived his entire life as a playboy and had had countless sexual encounters with women until that fateful day that he was killed. He realizes that his murderer was his old high school friend Tanaka Masaki who was jealous of Kazuya’s relationships and his built up anger eventually exploded. Taken back 15 years into his past, it seems that he has been given a second chance at life and given a chance to make different choices. He decides that the way to prevent his eventual demise is to make sure Masaki is more successful with girls and loses his virginity before Kazuya. But fate seems to be steering Kazuya towards the path of his previous life and keeps introducing the same girls he had sexual encounters with.

My Thoughts

Review covers 22 chapters 

Welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Thanks for visiting and my currently weekly mini manga review is having a blast by featuring this awesome story. I debated as to whether to put this on a full review, but then thought that a mini review will be better.

You’ve read the title, right? That was actually the reason why I started it. Before I started reading it, I thought that I would be a hilarious comedy or something along those lines, but then I read 3 chapters and even if there were some funny moments, there were so many that were not to have fun. The story was really psychological. It made you think as to how you should spend your time and that our choices do affect our future. It might have been exaggerated that if the protagonist lost his virginity he would die. I mean, he actually stayed a virgin for 32 years? Isn’t it too much?

I hope you’ll get some time to read it and enjoy it. It was really enjoyable for me. Get to see different types of people and enjoy a thrilling ride with the characters. Stay tuned for more and happy reading!




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