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Manga Review : Sleeping Beauty - Falling In Love Like A Dream by Yuna Sasaki

Title: Sleeping Beauty - Falling In Love Like A Dream
Original Title: Nemurihime - Yume Miru You Ni Koi Shiteru
Author: Yuna Sasaki
Artist:Yuna Sasaki

Year of Release: 2010
Genres: Drama, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Smut

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 15

Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chapters 1-5
Volume 2 Chapters 6-10
Volume 3 Chapters 11-15

Mangafox – Goodreads


"Ever since that day, my love has been in a sleep. I'll be dreaming until I'll wake up with your kiss"
Alice is a bright high schooler who had been taking care of her father, her only family. she is begining to grow a feeling to Ryuu, who is a son of owner of hospital where Alice's father is at. One day her father's condition drastically changed and she became alone in the world. She decide to join a project called venus project, and their unimaginable secret was...

My Thoughts

Review covers 15 chapters 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I’m covering one of the 3 mangas that made me cry from the every beginning. I’ll cover other 2 stories soon. This story is a blend of sleeping beauty and Alice in the Wonderland. Though the latest is only in few places. I remember that I’ve read this manga about 4 times and the premonitions of something bad to happening was always as new as If I was reading it for the first time. Pretty amazing to say the truth!

The story follows Alice, a 16-year-old girl. This story is tragic from the very beginning. I cried from the first chapter to the last one. Even tough it has a relatively happy ending, I still cried, because the feelings that these 15 chapters hold are spectacular. Alice is an amazing character that you love from the very beginning. Her emotions are shown raw, I mean they’re natural and they are what sucks you into the story. Her love to first Doctor and the Riyu is too vivid. And when she has a small mental breakdown you feel that your heart was cut right from your heart and thrown away.

The first volume focuses on Alice and Doctor; how their relationship started and their love. The 5 chapters make you feel on edge, you have this promotion of something awful to happen, and even if you do pinpoint what it is, the actual thing is still powerful enough to make your heart stop. Riyu is the character that I despised from the very beginning. But he’s the character that has gone through a great transformation. I didn’t really understand how she fell in love with Riyu, but who cares, she did. But after all he did to her, I really didn’t think she could. The only thing that I didn’t think was possible was they froze her twice, and the second time when she was pregnant, how the hell did the baby survive? But she survived and the story ended pretty well.

I hope you’ll find some time to read this great story. Once you start won’t be able to stop reading. You will love the story from the very beginning. Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Next month will be the 2nd story that I loved for its drama. Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga; follow Katie’s Corner! Happy reading!




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