Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Blog Announcement #1

Hi everyone!

How have you been doing? Because today there were no posts scheduled, I thought why not to make something like a blog announcement. And well, this will be a feature which will appear not often but quite randomly, as will another one: Rumbling Before Sleep, I had some similar posts, so I thought why not to organise them in a feature. there will be mostly my ideas, as well as my discussions about different things that as always come to me before I fall asleep. Aren't you like that too? The best ideas always come to my head either when I'm in the shower or just before I fall asleep. I know pretty annoying, but well, that's me. You don't have this problem? Ah, I'm so envious. 

Well, now let me get back to what I actually had in mind to share. I guess, my loyal reader wonder, why even though on goodreads my read book column is growing at an amazing speed, the reviews here and there are always coming on a specified date and time. Here's the thing: when I revived my blog from its 7 months no posting death, I made some kind of a schedule for myself so it would have been easier for me to posts. And that was also because I added manga reviews to the blog. So, if you've been reading my blog from December, 2014 you might have seen some kind of pattern. If not, well, today I am putting up a schedule which I will be following until the end of the year. I might have to see it through in 2016, but I will keep you updated if something new happens. 

Also I hope this schedule will help the authors understand why even though I need 2 weeks to read the book, I actually post the reviews very late. Though sometimes that's not the problem also. The time constrains are also something that I, as a university student have to face every day. 

So, before I bore you out completely, here it is the optimised schedule:


  • Manga Review 


  • Book Review


  • Waiting on Wednesday


  • Manga Review


  • Book Review


  • Book Haul & Blog Weekly
  • Mini Manga Review (Every Second Saturday)


  • Mini Book Review (Currently on Hold)

Another thing to keep in mind is this: The Cover Reveals, Book Blitzes and the similar stuff go out on any day, it solely depends on the days the tour is. Currently, as I always schedule my posts, all posts except book review posts go out on their designated days without any delay. Why such discrimination with book reviews? Well, that's a pretty easy question, as for the past year I have been reading more manga than books, I am very short on pre-written reviews, therefore I am currently trying to make up for it. As I already have the manga corner planned for the next 3 months, it's time to get back to books. And I hope I will put them as well as I did with the manga. Therefore for the time being, the mini book reviews might appear on the regular book review days too. 

Sorry for all the confusion, but I hope this will clear up a number of confusions on my blog. I hope you'll continue to read my blog and will participate even more by sharing your thoughts in the comment section. 



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