Saturday, 6 June 2015

New Books vs Read Books

Hi Guys,

How's are you all? I hope everything is fine and you have a great summer going on. The thing is that for the last 2 days I had this awkward debate in my head, whether I should read a new book, or should I reread the book which I adore to the core of my being for the 5th time? The new book, is very interesting should i say, and I really got into it when i started it, but still my mind was nagging at me: "But didn't you want to read that book again? You know that you need only one day to read the whole series, and then you can easily get back to the new book!" Yes, my mind is a sadist in every way. Sometimes I'm afraid of it, but that's not the point here. The point was if i lost the internal debate or not.

Well, I've kept strong for 2 days, but i lost the battle last night. In the beginning I was very disappointed in me for not reading the new book first, but as soon as I started the book, i new that i made the right decision. I guess, i haven't even said what book I wanted to read. It's Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand. I've reviewed the series way back in 2014, and if you want to you can read the reviews for Unearthly (Book 1) and Boundless (Book 3) if you click on them. Have you read this series? Isn't it seriously awesome? Well, for me that is one of the best books about teen romance. And i mean it. The way the love is portrayed between Clara and Tucker.... if you haven't read this book yet, i highly recommend it to read. I've read it for about 3 or 4 time, and it always takes me by surprise.

However, now i just wanted to muss around this topic New vs Read books. I don't know if you have it, but sometimes i have this urge to read something that i have already read, doesn't matter really how many times. And mostly this urge arises when i finished reading a great number of new books. And even if you have tons of other new books to read i just want to read that specific one. sometimes not the whole book, just a part from it. have you ever had it? Sometimes i have it, but sometimes i just want to read something absolutely new. Guess something is affecting my choices all the time.

I remember when i was a kid, i've reread Harry Potter books so many times that i could just recite them, but at the same time, every time i read the book, i found something that i missed. I believe that was the power of J.K. Rowling's writing. However, now that i think more about it, i remember that in my family it was quite a common trait to reread the books that we loved. I mean, we've read Bulgakov's works so many times that we sometimes even had contests if we remember this or that part. I cam to a conclusion that sometimes our brains or even us as people need something that is already familiar. We enjoy learning new things, but at the same time we need to revise what we read or learned in the past. that way we calm ourselves. Well, that's solely my theory, so what do you think about it?

Do you have the similar internal battles like i do. Do you enjoy reading only new books, or you loved you reread your favourites?



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