Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monthly Blog Recap : June

Hello everyone! 

How was the beginning of summer for you? Yep, the first month is already over, and there are only 2 more to go, and then... well, the school will start. Well, my June was relatively normal, i spent it with my little brother and sister, and well now, i am back to my home country to spend next 2 months with my mom and grandparents. 

Well, thing is i had to read a lot, and well i did read, but i was too lazy to write the reviews, though you may say, there were a lot of reviews during this month. well 3/4 of them were pre-done. 

Okay, i will stop now with my rumbling without making any sense and will get ready to meet my friends. so lazy to get out of the house in this hot weather.... Someone help... 

Keep scrolling down, there were some nice things, if you missed anything during the month, all posts are here :) 



And now our blog recap:

Book reviews:

Book Review : The Blackwell Family Secret: Guardian of Sin by Jonathan L. Ferrara 
3.5 Leaves

4.5 Leaves

4 Leaves

Manga Reviews:

4.5 Leaves

4 Leaves

4 Leaves

3.5 Leaves

Release Day Blitz:

Book Blitz:

Cover Reveal:  

Waiting on Wednesday:


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