Saturday, 13 June 2015

Mini Manga Review : Captive Princess of the Blue Sea by Yuki Ayumura

Title: Captive Princess of the Blue Sea
Original Title: Aoki Umi no Torawarehime
Author: Yuki Ayumura
Artist: Yuki Ayumura

Year of Release: 2012
Genres: Romance, Adventure, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 11

Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chapters 1-5
Volume 2 Chapters 6-11


In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries, Kourozen, also known as God's country the princess, Matsurika, is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Cantabria, a major power. One night, Matsurika is suddenly kidnapped by an intruder and brought to the open sea.
The man, Raju, who calls himself a pirate, says he will sacrifice Matsurika on the legendary altar, to attain his wish---

The princess of God's country, the pirate surrounded by mystery.
A pirate tale about an ancient lore and the legendary altar. Let the battle begin!!!

My Thoughts

Review covers 11 chapters 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Mini manga review feature is launching and here’s the first review. Today I have a 2-volume romantic adventure story.

I actually started reading this story because I wanted to read something about pirates and the volume covers were just too gorgeous not to read. Pretty weird, but I don’t care. I really enjoyed the story and my love for the pretty book covers was not wrong this time.

The plot is very interesting and sucks you into the story from the very beginning. All the characters are very interesting and especially Matsurika. Is she dumb or what? Well, she’s naïve to the point that when she is told that she’ll be a living sacrifice she actually saves her kidnaper. Hey, can you be even more naïve? Okay, I do see what you’ve found in Kaju, he’s hot, but still, he wants to kill you!

If you love pirates, adventures, many, many adventures and a twisted romance between a kidnaper and a princess; be my guest and start reading this great story! Stay tuned for more reviews and promos and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Happy reading!




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