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Book Review : Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Hush, Hush

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Publication Date: 31 Oct, 2009

Publisher: Simon & Schuster BFRY



Romance was not part of Nora Grey's plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how hard her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Patch draws Nora to him against her better judgment.

But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.

For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

My Thoughts:

Hi everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I’m having a book, which was very famous with teens like 4 maybe even 5 years ago, but still may be favourite for many teens. But at that time I was fan of another angel book – Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.  Don’t think I’ve reviewed the books from that series yet, but at that time I was a reader not a reviewer. Okay, back to the topic. For the past 2 years I’ve been getting this book as a recommendation to res from goodreads and my friends.  I even got all four books as a present from my friend, but it was still on the bottom of my to-read list. But then my mind goes ballistic asking for something Angel related to read, special keyword – NEW. So, I looked through my shelves and found this book.

To those who read my bog and are fans of Hush, Hush series, please, do not take this to heart and please continue to read my blog. I didn’t really like the book. Okay, I did like it in some parts, but in the nutshell it just broke expectations. I mean, I heard so much about it and when I read it, the only thought that I had: “Will it end soon?” however, I believe the first book was just an introduction and the next books will be much more interesting ad I’ll get my share of excitement and hopefully will understand what the whole fuss was about. Again, deepest apologies to fans and author, but I’m just expressing my thought here, and I’ll be happy to discuss everything in detail with you, either email me or just comment below.

Now let me briefly elaborate my thoughts. I didn’t really enjoy the book as much as I expected to enjoy it. First of all, the first two chapters ma made me think: “Was sex really such a hit topic in 2009?” Why the heck should the book be started from that? I’m not against a sexual education classes at high school, but come on, not the way it was described there. Is Nora stupid or what? I mean, when you read the blurb you get absolutely different feeling about her – cold. I was ecstatic to read about her, but after 5 chapters, she just turned into another wishy-washy female lead. She did try to regain her I-don’t-care-about-boys attitude, but I don’t know about you, but she didn’t fool me. Another character that I just wanted to strangle was Vee. She was annoying as hell and thought that she knew what was best for Nora. Best friend or not I would have just slapped her r wouldn’t talk to her for a month for making such awkward situations for me. But no, out Nora is all-forgiving. This might sound pretty off, but I actually enjoyed Patch’s Character. In the beginning I was thinking what a jerk, but then as Nora gravely disappointed me, I found Patch’s arrogance quite fitting. He was an absolute machiavelist. He wanted something he did everything to get it, screw the rules and morals.

Well, I’m off to read next book, hope I get more action. If you haven’t read it yet, well, I suppose you should, maybe you will find it more enjoyable and will criticise me for what I just wrote. Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews and promos. Don’t miss you next favourite book! Happy reading!



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