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Manga Review : Here I Am! by Ema Tooyama

Title: Here I Am !
Original Title: 
Author: Ema Tooyama
Artist: Ema Tooyama

Year of Release: 2007
Genres: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 19.5
Volumes & Chapters: 5

Volume 1 Chapters 1-5
Volume 2 Chapters 6-9
Volume 3 Chapters 10-12
Volume 4 Chapters 13-16.5
Volume 5 Chapters 17-19.5


Hikage is a reclusive 8th grader who no one seems to notice her. She finds comfort by planting a sunflower at school and in her blog, with only 2 people who comment on it, MegaPIG and Black Rabbit. They listen and give Hikage advice on everything. But, everything changes one day when two cute boys notice her. These boys are the most popular kids in the entire school, Teru and Hinata. When one of them tells her something that she's always wanted to hear, she might change to be like her classmates...
Will she by loved by everyone in the class?

My Thoughts

Review covers 19 chapters 

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today is a manga day and this time I have a really cute manga by Ema Tooyama for you. You may know her most popular work: Love Missions, which is still being published. I remember I wanted to find something cute and romantic to read, not too much suspense, but with a good portion of mystery behind the characters. And well I found this one. I finished it in one day and had this stupid grin on my face. Okay I was a bit disappointed that she ended up with Hinata, but well, can’t do anything bout it.

Now, let’s get back to the story. The main character – Hikage Sumino, even though she was a total wimp, she didn’t frustrate me as much as I thought she would. I was actually supporting her and understood all her feeling. I couldn’t really understand all o them, because I have always been noticed. She is one of those kids that are never noticed. She sits at her desk, but even teacher never knows who she is. To sum up everything, she is what you may call a ghost. Her classmates even mistake her name every time. Lonely right? Well, she has two online friends, who always visit her blog and cheer her up: Black Rabbit and MegaPig. Everything starts to change when one of the school idols – Hinata talks to her and says that he had always been looking at her, and that of course he knows her name. Well, he confessed, but what is going to happen to Hikage now? There are a lot of fan girls around Hinata and it is just the matter of time when they start bullying her. But that’s not the only thing keeping those two apart?

It appears that Hinata may know who Black Rabbit is. But he is keeping it secret. You will get the right idea from the very beginning. However, the author twists it so much, that you will have doubts about his identity. But the initial guess will be correct, the Black Rabbit is … nope, not telling. But that person will be around our lovebirds and will even try to steal Hikage from HInata. That volume was really heartbreaking.

I hope you will find some time to read this cuteness; you will love it a lot. Enjoy it to its fullest and stay tuned for more amazing manga as well as books featured on Katie’s Corner. Happy reading and don’t forget to share your thought below!




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