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Book Review : From Gods by Mary Ting (From Gods #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  From Gods

Author:  Mary Ting

Publication Date:  October 17, 2013

Publisher:    - 


 Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? It’s not from Mother Nature. It is most likely from Mason Grand, swoon-worthy demigod, one of Zeus’s descendants. 

Skylar Rome is supposed to be having the best summer ever before she heads off to college. Little did she know, her whole life was about to change while visiting her cousin. Nearly drowning at the beach due to unknown forces, one of the Grand brothers she’d just met, Mason, saves her life. Cool, collected, mysterious, and dangerously good-looking, Skylar is drawn to him from the start. Though she knows he is the type of guy good girls stayed away from, it seems he is always saving her life, and the attraction was inevitable. 

Upon meeting the brothers, strange things begin to happen. When she accidentally kills one of the brothers, it throws her life into turmoil, as they search to find the answers. Implausibly, she gets caught up in a world of the decedents of ancient gods, all who have super powers. Not only is her discovery difficult to accept, evil beings are after her. Running out of time and running for her life, she must unravel a mystery. What do they want from her? Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will she find the answers, or will she die trying?

My Thoughts:

This book has been for 2 or 3 months on my wish list on Amazon, so when Christmas came and my mom gave me $50 gift card to buy whatever books I wanted, the first one was this. No matter how many times I tell myself to stop for a little while and not read books based on Greek mythology I simply can’t.

At a glance there is nothing new or unique about the book, but when you read it about 10 minutes (my 10 minutes) you see some new approaches which I myself haven’t seen in other Greek mythology based books. I’ll just make a little list:

  1.             There are no Gods. All of them are dead, so we can’t see their arrogant faces. This is good and bad at the same time. I actually missed them.
  2.             Demigods are only of two lineages – Zeus and Poseidon. At this fact I was a little frustrated, why? I mean, okay Hades, but why Apollo, Athena, Ares and others also didn’t get a chance to have children? That’s unfair.
  3.               Well that’s not unique,. But as always Hades is a main villain., though I do want to say this: why wouldn’t he be? Nobody cares about him and he’s always left out. Though I may say: he’s as cunning as always.
  4.              Hades was reproducing with Medusa. Gross (That was a hint actually xD)

Okay, that’s not my full list, but what actually is quite interesting. I liked the book. It was really interesting to read about. And well I did like how the characters were written. I actually don’t like books written from author’s POV, but that’s totally me, I just can’t sometimes acknowledge their feelings. No matter how well the author can describe it’s not the same when I read it from the character itself. I didn’t really like Skylar. She was an Okay character, I didn’t see her as very strong one. and she was quite whiny and became a lovesick puppy as soon as saw Mason. I don’t like that in characters, but I guess not all feminine characters are strong and Mary Ting just told us that. However I actually liked Mason’s character even though he had his faults. He has his principles and his walls and he was really trying to hold them together. But well I did like that he came around his thoughts and walls.

Okay last this and I’m closing up for today. When I was buying this book, it didn’t say anywhere that it had a sequel. So when I told myself what to read that isn’t a concluding story or a new story with many parts I said why not this one? so when I was left at a cliffhanger in the end and I am quoting: Book2 of From Gods coming soon” I was screaming inside my head (couldn’t wake my little brother) but well now I’m waiting to know what will happen next. Happy Reading! And don’t forget to share your thought!!1 J

My Rating:

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