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Manga Review: Bloody Cross by Komeyama Shiwo

Title: Bloody Cross
Original Title: Bloody Cross
Author: Komeyama Shiwo
Artist: Komeyama Shiwo

Year of Release: 2009
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatular

Status: Ongoing
Chapters (Translated in English): 32

Volumes & Chapters: 10 Volumes
Volume 1  Chapters 0-3
Volume 2  Chapters 4-8
Volume 3  Chapters 9-13
Volume 4  Chapters 14-18
Volume 5  Chapters 19-23
Volume 6  Chapters 24-29
Volume 7 translation in progress


Half angels: individuals cursed because of their impure lineage. Tsukimiya is a vampire half angel, and with her companion-of-convenience Hinata, with whom she shares a strained relationship at best, and an antagonistic one at worst, are on a search for the “God’s Book of Prophecy”. The book harbors immense power, and is supposedly the only thing capable of removing the half-blood curse that Tsukimiya and Hinata share.

The problem is that nobody knows if the book’s power is enough to save two people, and neither is willing to share with the other. 

My Thoughts

Review covers 32 chapters 

When I first was raking up this manga to read I was thinking, this might be a typical vampire story thingy. Though when you are talking about manga the word typical can only be addresses to one genre: Shoujo & Romance. I think I was looking for something similar to “Orange Marmelade” by Seok Woo, but they have absolutely nothing in common except the word supernatural in their genre section.

From the very beginning it started fast, maybe even too fast, but I guess I just didn’t read the summary, so I was missing out a lot of stuff. The author doesn’t solely focus on one particular character, it might be even true to say that even though Tsukimiya is a main character, and she sometimes acts as a supporting one. New volume, new chapter and a new character and all of these new characters are so different that you are lost in them, but no matter how different they may seem, they all have something in common and that is: Greed for power or in other words ambition to become the next God. No, no, I didn’t just make a mistake there. They realy want to become the next god.

The story begins with a half angel Tsukiyama and Hinata seeking a pureblood demon to lift their curse. They do defeat the guy, but due to betrayals from Hinata and a really risky step from Tsukiyama both of them are still left with the curse. So, they now are seeking a book of prophecy and are really hoping, that it will have enough power to lift both of their curses.

What I was really enjoying in this manga is that every character has his/her personal agenda. They do not care who they will align now or betray in the next moment. It’s just like the saying: “means justify the end”. However, there is a bit of romance, mainly between Tsukiyama and Hinata, however, it is always on edge. You never know what is going to happen next. No need to even guess, because the intrigue is so intense, it may drive you to jump pages to then go back because somehow everything got different just in the few pages that you missed.

No matter what I say here, I won’t be able to fully tell you what I think about it, why? First, I haven’t finished it yet, and am desperately searching for next chapters in English. Second, if I started, I wouldn’t have kept it all to myself and would have just spoilt the whole excitement this manga might bring you.

I hope you try it out. 5 volumes are already in English and next two are being released in 2015. Or you can just go to online websites and read it there. Well if you know French you may get all ten volumes. Hope you’ll get the same feelings as I got from reading it.




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