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Manga Review : Dark Night Light Path by Takagi Shigeyoshi

Title: Dark Night Light Path
Original Title: Anya Kouro
Author: Takagi Shigeyoshi
Artist: Takagi Shigeyoshi

Year of Release: 2009
Genres: Drama, One Shot, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 1
Volumes & Chapters: One Shot


Akimoto Yae is a cheerful – and sometimes exceedingly loud – girl who secretly always watches her sempai Ayase, who rides the same train as her. For some reason, Ayase always sits in the same seat, holding the same book, opened at the same page. His hand never try to turn the next page.
One day ayase accidentally drops the book, which comes as a change for Akimoto to talk to him, much to her surprise, he isn’t interested in having the book returned, and gives it to her.

As Akimoto tries to overcome her mild aversion for printed texts – which causes her to sleep if she doesn’t read the lines aloud – and read the book, she hopes to get closer to Ayase, who reasons of his own to be aloof. 

My Thoughts

Review covers 1 chapter

One of the many one shots that I’ve fallen in love after reading only once. I guess up till now, I’ve read it about 10 maybe even more times. However, it never loses its charm to me.

When I first read the story, it had a really big impact on me. I really loved both characters. It may have been only about 20 or so pages, but you could see that character development. I really am a fan of Takagi Shegeyoshi’s works; I think I’ve read everything I could get my hand on. You can’t say that his drawing style is that amazing, but all of his characters have this sharp facial features and you may seem they are extremely cold, but then they either smile or open their eyes and warmth is spreading all over the page and you. It is quite an amazing feeling.

The last pages of the story are quite heartbreaking, though it does end happily there is a question regarding the relationship between the main characters. For me, it didn’t seem that he really accepted her feelings or something, neither did he stated his own, but well, he did say that from now on she has to read books aloud to him. The story mostly follows the Yae’s point of view and we do not really see the pain that Ayase feels, however when he tells Yae his secret, everything can be seen through his bittersweet smile. It’s really heartbreaking, well it was for me. I do encourage you to read this short story, it really is amazing. Enjoy it and if you do read it, please share your thoughts with me.




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