Saturday, 28 February 2015

Monthly Blog Recap : February

Hello, I was thinking of making a blog entry summarising the whole month. So here it is the very first February Blog Recap. Mostly it’s just for those who somehow may have missed some of the posts. 

Well, but before I start reciting what happened on the blog, let me just say a bit what happened with me during this month. I guess, the first and the main thing is that I reached the age, where I can no longer get away with an excuse : “I’m a teenager!” Yep, I turned twenty. Hate to admit it, but now I really do get that older people (of 20-25) in my childhood, when they were saying : “When I was your age….” I found myself tell that a kid the other day. Second, is that I revived my blog. If I kept somebody waiting with my reviews, I am sorry, but I am back to work, with quite a lot of interesting stuff. 

I opened a new corner, right here. If you are a fan of Japanese manga, welcome here! Because I started writing reviews for the manga too! Excited? I am! Because I want to share all the fun that a manga is with you. I can’t wait to cover everything that I found on my laptop on the blog! And trust me, there are some really interesting and amazing books and manga as well! Stay tuned to Katie’s Corner and do not miss your next favourite book! 

And now our blog recap:

Book reviews:

4.5 Leaves

4 Leaves

3.5 Leaves
4.5 Leaves

4.5 leaves

Manga Reviews:

4.5 Leaves

5 Leaves

3.5 Leaves

4 Leaves

Release Day Blitz:

Book Blitz:

Cover Reveal:

Did any of these titles catch your attention? Well, what are you waiting for, click on it. and have a nice next month :)) Spring is already in front of our doors! 



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