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Book Review : Beholden to You by Carlie Sexton

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Beholden To You

Author:  Carlie Sexton

Publication Date:  December 28, 2013

Publisher:  CarlieSextonRomance

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 On the heels of tragic loss, the stunning and innocent Natalie Mason, meets handsome business mogul Mac Carter. As Natalie attempts to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, circumstances beyond her control draw her and Mac into a situation she wants kept secret. The two are a matched set having both experienced immense loss in their lives. Uncertain of what she should do, she decides to give fate a chance, opening her heart to Mac, who just wants to love her. 

But the past, who often times takes no prisoners, rears its ugly head in a double dose. Mac’s ex-girlfriend cannot accept that their love affair is over and takes drastic measures through deception and blackmail to ensure that Mac will be hers. 

Natalie, on the other hand, has to face the one responsible for her sister’s death. As her journey begins to bring justice and closure, the past transports to her feet an unexpected surprise—a long lost love desiring to posses her as his once again.

Will Mac and Natalie’s newly blossoming love be able to endure what the past has delivered or will the victors of their hearts be the old flames who are staking their claim?

My Thoughts:

So how many of you have seen “Once in Vegas”? Well, the plot is kind of the same here, but it takes amazing twists and in the end you are heartbroken because you need to say goodbye to some amazing characters, but at the same time you are happy because everything ended just fine. The book is based on very interesting characters with their heartbreaks betrayals and some very raw emotions. Somehow all characters are at sync with each other. And even though, I would have wanted to know more about some of them, after finishing the book, I was just full with emotions. I liked all pages, all banter and interaction between characters and I definitely felt their pain. Maybe I wasn’t exactly living the book, but I had a very strong and undeniable connection with Natali and Mac.

The story follows Natali, a young and beautiful woman. She has lost her parents, her heart has been crashed by her first love and her sister was just killed in a car crash. But no matter what Natali puts the happiness of her two best friends- Kate and Charlie before her, and she attends a engagement party/weekend of both of them in Vegas, but unexpected happen, and one morning she wakes up near Mac, a best friend of her bff-s fiancés and well they are married. From then all the “fun” starts. Both of them like each other, and they understand each other’s grief. So now it is only up to them to live together or have an annulment. What will they choose? And most interesting, how will they react when their past is again coming after their lives? Will they open up their hearts to be left broken again, or will they achieve their happily ever after? It’s all up you-reader to know. You can either grab your copy now and share some of those emotions with amazing characters, or keep guessing. Your choice.

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