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Book Review: The Time Table by N.J. Rayner (The Strobes Trilogy #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: The Time Table

Author: N. J. Rayner

Publication Date: 23 August, 2014

Publisher: Createspace

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There’s something weird going on deep in the London Underground. 
Down in the subterranean labyrinths of long abandoned tunnels, ventilation shafts and disused stations, strange creatures are engaged in pointless battles of stupidity in their dark hidden world. 
And the discovery of a stone table with amazing powers will only make things worse, as with staggering incompetence, the rival gangs fight to gain control of it. 
But who will be the victors? Which of them will gain control of the table? Will they have a clue what to do with it? And in the process, how much longer will they be able to keep their existence a secret? 
Could the world below ground, and the world above ground, be well on course for an unpredictable collision?

My Thoughts:

Anyone using subway or do you prefer calling it underground or metro? Well, I have never been in London, though I’m planning to go there soon and this book just raised my interest of the London underground. In my city, which is Tbilisi, we do have a subway, it may be not a long as London one, okay it definitely is way shorter than London underground, but I still used it every day during my school years. When I read the summary of this book, I was already intrigued by it and it did not disappoint me in any way.

During all my rides and those were quite a lot, I have always been fantasizing about mysterious creatures lurking in those tunnels. As I see, I was not the only one like that; however N.J. Rayner actually did put his fantasy on the paper and got an amazing output. His descriptions are compelling and so easy that everything comes to life in front of you, as if living things were just converted into words and stuck on my tablet. I enjoyed every minute of it and nearly got into trouble with my lecturer. Instead of listening to him, I was fully engrossed in the book.

There is a lot I want to say about this book, but as I know myself perfectly I will just blurb something important and spoil the thrilling ride that this book is giving its readers. I loved these underground creatures so much, especially the dragon, the first impression of him was something that made me fall from the couch laughing. I really mean that. Most of the creatures have quite difficult names to pronounce, but nevertheless what makes them “cute” their uniqueness and their behavior. In the beginning I was confused with a lot of characters and they just didn’t stop appearing, but after 2 chapters I was so engrossed into the book, that it didn’t matter that the points of view were changing a lot.

I enjoyed Time Table a lot, and to say the truth I will be really looking out for a dragon when I get a chance to ride the London Underground. The author didn’t disappoint with a nice cliffhanger at the end, which just gave me shivers. I am definitely going to read the second book.  I hope you will get a copy of this book, and will enjoy it as much as I did. I believe the grade and middle school students will enjoy it, however, adult might enjoy it too, because the politics of the underground are quite similar to the real politics. As well as the author’s sharp wit and sometimes sarcastic comments on this or that industry gives the life to the book and just makes to read until you finish. Enjoy!



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