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Manga Review: The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross by Tanemura Arina

Title: The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Original Title: Shinshi Doumei Cross
Author: Tanemura Arina
Artist: Tanemura Arina

Year of Release: 2004
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 59

Volumes & Chapters:

11 Volumes in Total 


In return for a business loan of 50 million yen, the prestigious Kamiya family gave their daughter Haine away to the Otomiya family. Haine, now an Otomiya, is appointed to the student council of the exclusive Imperial Academy, a private school for the aristocracy. Even though Haine is of proper lineage to be on the council, she finds herself struggling to find her place among the many secrets of its elite members, especially those of the president who holds her heart - Shizumasa Togu, aka "the Emperor."

Haine has been in love with Shizumasa Togu from the day she read the picture book he wrote as a child. She enrolls the Imperial Academy to be close to him and is accepted as a member of the student council. But with that, dark secrets start to reveal themselves! Why does "The Emperor" act differently? Is Haine really in love with Shizumasa? Why did her father sell her and why doesn't her mother write to her anymore?

My Thoughts

Review covers 59 chapters 

How did I get back on my manga track? Well, I somehow got fed up with reading one book and somehow remembered to reread today's pick. Let's be honest here, it all started with my obsession with Mitsuki Miko's works, and the question of the year, if I did or not review any of her works stays unanswered for the time being.

Anyway, let's get back to today's review! If you are wondering if this will be the only work I review, nope, I have already reviewed The Legend of Sakura, well I wrote the review, I'm not sure if it's live or not yet. Oh and if you haven't found the scans for last 4 volumes,  and are lazy to buy them, tell me, I'll either scan mine or recap them on the blog. To say the truth, when I first read this story, I wasn't all that impressed with it, maybe because I wanted to know how it ended and wasn't reading it attentively. However, the second time I read it, I loved it. It's not anything new, but the drawing and plot twists made it great!

Follow Haine to her quest to gain her "prince's" Shizumasa-sama's love! Will it be easy? No, it's better to say no way in hell. Uncover the secrets of her family as well as Shizumasa's. Will they shock you? You have no idea how! Get ready to vent your anger on characters who deserve your anger to then understanding them and their motives, well kind of understanding. Get ready to be faced with love, well all kinds of love. You might get confused, but trust me, all you need to do is enjoy every moment of it. Don't overthink it, leave that to the end!

Oh, and let me just say one more thing before I finish for today. The ending will either leave you speechless or will shatter your brain. It's what I expected but at the same time, I wanted a bit more of a closure for one of the characters. I so want to spoil this, but I'll try to contain myself. Just get ready for the drama of your life, oh wait if you are reading Fairy Tail, the revelations they had in 2016 was enough drama. Anyway, are you ready to enrol at the Imperial Academy and start the new adventure? I sure hope you do! Enjoy it to your heart's content and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos! Don't miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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