Saturday, 21 October 2017

[BOOK BLITZ] Unacceptable Expectations by James Gauthier


CoverTitle: Unacceptable Expectations: A Young Teachers Struggle with Conformity
Author: James A. Gauthier J.D. 
Release Date: 29 January 2015


Exceptional students become exceptional teachers. Rachel achieved her master’s degree in education and became a certified teacher at age 17. Rachel’s first interview with the teacher’s union placed her on notice that she was a link in a curriculum driven education program. She was to teach her grade level curriculum only and never bring attention upon herself or her peers. Conformity was the rule and mediocrity was the goal. Rachel refused the union’s demand to conform and motivates her students to become exceptional and exceed grade level expectations. The more successful Rachel is in her classroom, the more the push back by the teacher’s union to return her to mediocrity. Conflict between Rachel and the union results in the union poisoning Rachel, falsely accusing her of abusing a student; false drug violations on school property and ultimately the loss of her left leg as the union seeks to stop Rachel’s desire to help her students become exceptional. Learn how Rachel fights back and creates the Sinclair Academy, a private educational system that the union has no control over. No longer does the union want to stop Rachel from promoting accelerated learning; now the union wants her 2,500 teachers to join the teacher’s union. See how far the teacher’s union will go in an attempt to force union membership and what a young, tenacious teacher will do in saying, “No”.

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