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Manga Review: Be Mine by Kyung Hee Cha

Title: Be Mine
Original Title: Be Mine
Author: Kyung Hee Cha
Artist: Kyung Hee Cha

Year of Release: 2013
Genres: Drama, Romance, Schoo Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed 
Chapters (Translated in English): - 

Volumes & Chapters:

6 Volumes in Total

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sorry, guys, the manga can't be found on mangafox, and I read it on a russian website 

My Thoughts

Review covers 40 chapters 

OMG! Yes, finally, I looked through my ongoing mangas and this particular one was completed. But here's a bummer for all of you who do not know or actually read in Russian, because there are no chapters translated in English. Sorry about that. The unfortunate truth is that even on myanimelist the title doesn't even exist, same goes to mangafox. But enough with me being gloomy here, I might become a good person and actually upload the summaries of each chapter. There are 40 in total, so if anyone would be interested, tell me.

But let's get back to the story. If I'm not mistaken this as part of my sadistic and psychological romance mangas. Now, you are wondering: what the hell is that? Well, you can find some examples on the blog, the best one right now should be Our love is as Painful as reaching death. Oh, you remember that? No one can really forget it, huh? Todays manga, or to be exact manhwa, because it's Korean will question your sanity and common sense a number of times. How come? There are explicit scenes of bullying and you will only be thankful that they are in the books. But let me remind you, a number of times the books are based on real events.

Okay, let me start making some sense here! Meet our characters: Soya and HeHa, (I'm translating them from Russian, so don't mind if they sound too weird). During grade school, Soya was bullying a fellow classmate and Jeha was the only one who tried to stand up to her. This didn't really go well for him, as he had a weak heart and one day nearly died because of bullying. But our story is not about grade schoolers. The story takes place 5 years later when Soya has to keep her identity hidden due to that incident. But that wouldn't be interesting now, would it? So, all our characters meet again in high school. It's not as easy as I'm having it here, but you get the drift, right? And the question here is very easy,, what will happen with our heroes? Will they forget or better said accept their past and move on, or will we be seeing some fantastic revenge plots? You'll find the answer once you read t, but trust me you'll get much more than you hoped for. 

I believe I have been mentioning this several times, but do Korean artist have something against normal endings? I'm serious here! It's the truth that  Soya and Jeha meet again and she runs into his arms but come on a bit more solid answers would be great too. Overall, this story is fantastic both with the plot and with art. trust me you'll love how the author draws her characters! Are you ready for 3 hours of twisted love and hatred? Then start reading it now! Enjoy it and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos! Don't miss your favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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