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[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 9

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The chapter starts with Yuito Driving Akane back home. She is worried about Yuito as e is feeling not well, He reassures her that he’s fine as the rain already finished. Akane hugs him and tells him that she’ll be trying real hard to make him happy. Yuito just kisses her and when Akane tells him that she was serious, but is cut short by Yuito’s smile. She then sees her dad and when tried to ask him why he’s back, he just tells her that he heard from Midori that she was not home last night. Akane starts thinking how to explain, when her dad hits Yuito and tells him not to come close to his daughter ever again. Then he drags shouting Akane home, slaps her and asks what the hell she is doing. Akane starts apologizing, but her dad just tells her that she’s grounded and won’t be even going to school. Akane doesn’t know what to do.

At the same time Yuito is alone and starts thinking that if he hasn’t fallen in love with Akane he would have never known. Then he takes keys and apologizes to his brother. Next morning Akane is not herself, she goes to her room to get her uniform, but then remembers her dad’s words. She wants to see Yuito but she doesn’t want to break the word she gave her father. Next day Midori tries to get Akane out of bed, but Akane just shots that her head hurts. Midori tells her that Yuito broke up with her as he never contacted her, but Akane tells him that it’s not true and that he treasures her. She finally got out of bed and Midori tells her to come with him. They go outside where Akane sees her dad talking to Yuito. It’s been 3 days that Yuito has been coming every morning trying to persuade him to let Akane go back to school. Her dad just tells him that those are just words, but then Yuito gives him the keys to his garage of the motorcycle, he tells him that this is the most important present from his brother. He then says that when he drives the bike je remembers his brother. When Akane’s dad asks him if it’s okay if he never sees it again, Yuito just says that if Akane will be with him he doesn’t need anything else and that his brother would have understood. Akane’s dad finally gives in and Akane runs to him telling that she loves him.

Yuito comes home to see that there’s nothing in his flat, his dad is there telling him, that because of the rumours he’s coming back home. Yuito is furious, while Akane is thinking what to do for lunch tomorrow. The chapter ends with Akane’s thought that she believed they could be happy at that time.


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